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SBS goes commercial « Previous | |Next »
January 31, 2007

I watched a bit of SBS tonight. What's happened? The 9.30pm news looks like that of the ABC with a break in the middle that is filled with adverts. I watched a program on the necons entitled The Power of Nightmares and it was broken throughout with blocks of adverts. I was watching commercial television. SBS is no longer a public broadcaster. It's now just another commercial free to fair station chasing the advertising dollar.

When did this happen? Sometime last year I presume. I understand that the network is still limited to five minutes of advertising per hour and the advertisements must appear in what the guidelines refer to as "natural breaks". I saw no natural breaks on The Power of Nightmares; in fact the flow of the programme---a feature documentary--- was interrupted by the ad breaks.

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 9:36 PM |