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February 27, 2007

Four Corners ran a programme from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's The Fifth Estate entitled The Denial Machine last night. The programme:

investigates the campaign to deny the science of global warming and slow international action against it. It tracks the activities of a small group of North American scientists, some of whom previously worked for Big Tobacco and who are now receiving donations from large oil and coal interests. It also examines how key planks of the fossil fuel industry’s case were adopted by governments in the US and Canada…

It puts name and faces to those in the publicity campaign of the major coal and energy in the US--those that stand to lose out from climate change policy--- to delay any government action to address global warming, such as taxes on CO2 emissions or an emissions trading scheme.

The Canadian programme highlights the recent history of the media politics, not the science; its history because even Australia's biggest electricity and gas companies are demanding that the commonwealth government establish a national greenhouse emissions trading scheme. Their argument is that carbon is going to be priced in one way or another, and that emmissions trading is the most efficient way to deal with the pricing issue.

The Institute of Public Affairs looks to be increasingly isolated on the issue and the shift to a clean energy future for Australia.

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 7:20 AM | | Comments (2)


This Thurdays episode of Catalyst(abc 8:00pm) has a segment on cars that are non petrol driven.


I saw the blub for the programme last night.I don't normally watch Catalyst as it is too pro science and lacks a critical perspective. But I will watch this prgramme.