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Iran: just a game of poker? « Previous | |Next »
March 29, 2007

Timothy Garton Ash in The Guardian says that the British forces, captured by the Iranians in the Persian Gulf, were operating as part of a multinational force under an explicit UN mandate, to protect oil installations and prevent the smuggling of guns into Iraq. I would presume that the British neo-con hawks are calling for some good old fashioned gunboat diplomacy to teach the Iranians a lesson. Might is right.

Other's question the U K's presence in the Gulf: what business does the UK have in the disputed Iran/Iraq waters in the Shatt-al-Arab waterway searching Iranian ships for smuggled cars?

Peter Brookes

Many in the Middle East would question the legitimacy of the western military presence in Iraq and its claimed territorial waters and the naval build up in the Persian Gulf and see Iran attempts to acquire influence and power in the Middle East as legitimate. They would see the Iranian provocation as another event in the the 20th century history of the Britain and the USA in relation to the Middle East.

No doubt they remember the Persian Prime Minister Mossadegh and how MI6 and the CIA conspired to overthrow a democratically elected leader Persian because he nationalised the oil industry and replaced him with the Shah? They would see the US-Israeli-UK alliance as actively seeking a confrontation with Iran.

A tit-for-tat game---American special forces are operating within the Iranian border since late last year whilst spy drones are overflying and photographing targets---is now being played out in the Persian Gulf. In this political chess game United States and Britain have bolstered their presence in the Persian Gulf to confront an ascendant Iran flexing its muscles throughout the region and developing nuclear technology. More provocative events will follow.

I watched Fox Television last night and was surprised by the second generation neo cons deep hostility to the UN.---The talking head from the heritage Foundation said the UN was protecting a totalitarian regime. Their advocacy of international hegemony, preemption and regime change by the US is a policy that undermines the UN. The neo-cons in America are dedicated to regime change in Iran and have been ever since the Iranian revolution.

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 9:30 AM |