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negative campaign backfires « Previous | |Next »
March 20, 2007

Though the Prime Minister makes himself as father of the nation protecting us citizens from the evildoers who want to destroy all that we value and hold sacred, he is also chairman of the Liberal noise machine whose standard operating procedure is dirty tricks, including being lied to.

Power--acquiring and holding onto it-- is all that matters for this kind of machine politics. Lies and myths are the necessary tools.

Geoff Pryor

Drip feeds are circulating throughout the media. The machine operators---'Senior Liberals' in the media---reckon they have gone over the top in their personal attacks on Kevin Rudd. they are "informing selected journalists-- that their anger is being directed at Tony Abbott, the Health Minister, who m overreached with his attack on Kevin Rudd's account of his father's death 39 years ago. Howard gave the okay to flick the switch to negative.

The backpedalling has taken place because internal polling must have told them that their negative campaign is back firing.

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 7:46 AM | | Comments (2)


Today it came up in the senate that Howard had known of at least one breach by Santoro for at least some time, but ignored his responsibilities in announcing or acting upon the knowledge.
If that is the case, how much more honest, at best, can he be than Rudd for merely attending a public dinner that included Burke?
In fact, surely recognisant of his own breach, he THEN proceeded to launched an attack on Rudd for the same sort of behaviour (at worst), roughly, that he had ALREADY indulged in himself.
A far more serious breach, actually, since Santoro was a minister and subject to a previously announced code with clear definitions of what was ok or not, created by Howard himself!
This thing is laughable!

the personal attack strategy has backfired on them.As Paul Kelly wrote in The Australian:

The Howard Government is being undermined from within by indiscipline and integrity deficits...Howard looks foolish because he spent the first part of the week defending Santoro over the CBio indiscretion. Now he will be forced to defend his judgment, his standards and his long ministerial tail.

They've given it away for the moment---the campaign strategy is to attack Rudd's economic creditability over the Future Fund now.