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developing Canberra « Previous | |Next »
March 27, 2007

I see that the federally funded National Capital Authority in Canberra has redevelopment plans around the Albert Hall Precinct of Lake Burley Griffin adjacent to the Commonwealth Avenue Bridge and the National Library. The NCA plans to revitalize the area with a landmark (8 story) building to increase tourist activities, whilst responding to the heritage values associated with buildings and the landscape. The NCA says:

It is proposed that this area be zoned to allow a high level of tourist, entertainment and leisure uses and build Canberra as a waterfront city. This amendment would allow for new restaurants, cafes, bars, tourist and cultural facilities to enliven this area instead of surface car parks and redundant road infrastructure.

It is part of the NCA's development of the Griffin Legacy to take Canberra into the 21st century.

It is unclear how a landmark 8 story building that transforms another section of lake foreshore on the south end of Commonwealth Avenue Bridge responds to the heritage values associated with buildings, such as the Hyatt Hotel or the landscape. The latter includes open green space as well as planned common areas and would preclude a Darling Habour-style revitalization or a Kingston foreshore development.

There is not much greenery left in Manuka and Kingston apart from the Telopea Park and this makes the greenery around the Hyatt and the old Albert Hall even more precious. The latter land is in the parliamentary triangle is a national heritage responsibility and not for Canberrian's decide. Presumably there is money to be made for privatising the public land by NCA on behalf of the development lobby

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 9:14 AM |