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March 14, 2007

The US looks increasingly impotent to guarantee security or stability in Iraq--let alone democracy-- and is looking for a way out as the much heralded surge won't solve or stabilize anything. The Iraqi Maliki government is helpless and corrupt and is basically a client state of the US. How long will it last?


Israel is saying that the US should stand firm, that the US should confront Iran, and rally friendly Sunni regimes against Shiite Iran, as well as Hezbollah, Hamas, and the Syrian government. Israel appears to accept as necessary the hundreds of thousands of Iraqis who have lost their lives since the Bush administration invaded their country in March 2003, the almost two million who may led to other countries, and the millions more have been displaced from their homes in ethnic-cleansing campaigns.

Will a Democrat Congress be able to rein in an imperial White House and its increasingly catastrophic policies in the Middle East?

Michael Lind in an article at Democracy Now entitled What next? US foreign policy after Bush says, in relation to the Iraq war that:

there are three interpretations of the war, each with its own implications for the policy that Washington should pursue. The first interpretation holds that the war is a purely local problem which can be solved within Iraq itself. The second holds that the war cannot be resolved without a broader regional settlement that includes the countries around and near Iraq, along with the US. The third is that neither a local nor a regional solution can succeed in Iraq without adequate diplomacy at the global level.

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 8:00 AM | | Comments (3)


Love the cartoon. Condi looks "Out of Haiti".
Was the seminal "Versailles" moment of this so-called "war" not the announcement last month that US oil companies had had rights to oil there signed over by the Iraqi Government, virtually in perpetuity?
Rest is just alibis and spin.

Garland captures the seedy Las Vegas quality of gmabling and corruption. Whose the guy in yellow? Tony Blair?

Hmmm. The man with no voice. Stands to reason doesn't it? No mouth; no voice!.
Lost it through lack of appropriate use when necesary. Forgot how to, became superflous. When he woke up one day found mouth gone too through boredom at lack of appropriate use ( apart from on bush ).
Was gone forever and he couldn't use it now he needed it, because he never used it before when it was apt,in defence of hapless others who had relied on him for the vanishing chance of their survival.
Yep, eventually disappeared altogether.
Is it Philby or Graham Green?
Noel Coward or some other coward?