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April 25, 2007

There is no need for the Howard Government to run a scare campaign on the economy against the Rudd ALP is there? The recent inflation figures are on the low side. There is an annualised inflation is 2.4 per cent, which is within the Reserve Bank's mandated maximum of 3 per cent.


So the federal budget will provide the platform for tax cuts and big spending. The old economic management team of Howard and Costello deliver again. It is the economy--growth and jobs---that is the key. Reform (eg., climate change) can be postponed until tomorrow. We voters can to continue to party and aspire to investment properties and overseas trips.

These are the messages from Canberra.

Well, the messages that I see and hear as I return from five days in the wilderness without any media at all. Oh, the scare campaign will be put into play for sure. It will be Rudd the destroyer of the good times. Rudd the moral zealot. He's a destroyer of prosperity and freedom because his strings are pulled by the union bosses.

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 7:19 AM | | Comments (2)


Apropos of nothing, check out the television in the cartoon. Such a 1970s image.

---and the chairs and clothes. It's all very 1950s, as you point out. A negative portrait of Howard's battlers, do think?

It's hardly the aspirational class. They are into big 4 wheel drives, McMansions and private schools for the kids.

I did see lots of the 1950s-style Howard battler's in Pandana, in the middle of Kangaroo Island. It said rural poverty.