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US: Gun control « Previous | |Next »
April 19, 2007

The US is a very strange place. Guns are like wrist watches. Guns are linked to individual rights. It's in the constitution they say. Gun control means trashing individual rights.

Few state or federal politicians will use the latest mass slaughter at Virginia Tech by Cho Seung Huito to argue for more gun control to argue for gun control. There is even little pressure to renew the federal law banning the sale of assault rifles, which was recently allowed to lapse. What seems to be on the agenda is the gun lobby's for no free gun spaces---the solution to the mass slaughter at Virginia Tech is for the students to carry weapons at college!

US gunculture.jpg
Allan Moir

In order to ensure its election the Democratic Party's national platform commits it to uphold the Second Amendment — the right to keep and bear arms---and so it is no longer committed to about gun control. Right wing American nationalists will argue that guns are needed because foreigners everywhere, and next time it really will be a Muslim shooting up the native born white Americans in one of the universities!

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 10:24 AM | | Comments (3)


Yes, truly bizarre.

Matt Stone

truely bizarre:

---Cho Seung-hui, the gunman, could buy handguns, even though he had been in a psychiatric institution.

----30,000 people die every year from firearms - more than one every 20 minutes - in the US.

----The right to bear arms" is enshrined in the constitution. The founding fathers intended it so that citizens could protect themselves against state tyranny.

---The issue of gun control is occasionally raised but rarely seriously discussed.

---behind the gun lobby's right to bear arms lurks the danger of American authoritarianism.

If you take away the 2nd amendment than the only people that will have gun will be the criminals. So now we will be easy victims. What about the single mothers that are home with their children? Take away their guns!!! NOT!!!