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May 25, 2007

I saw the full Rudd interview on Sky News yesterday afternoon against the backdrop of government decay. Rudd handled himself well video He came across as a human being in difficult situation dealing with it as best as he could. Mistakes were made he said but they were rectified. He acknowledged that the situation with his wife's businesses and him trying to become PM was a difficult one for him.

Rocco Fazzari

Therese Rein's business --Ingeus -------takes unemployable people and makes them employable, and it does it on government contracts. So if Rudd were to become prime minister, then this would present an acute conflict of interest. So should Rein sell her life's work for his ambition?

Rudd's response was that this was:

...It's a tough call on a marriage. I am proud of my wife. She has built up her business from scratch. This is the age of professional women who run their own companies, who run their own lives, who aren't simply appendages of middle-aged men. I love my wife dearly.It is a very hard decision to say to someone prior to an election – and we don't know who is going to win the election – offload the businesed

Rudd presents him and his wife as a modern marriage--the partners live in "two different spheres" and had "separate lives" as far as their careers were concerned--- facing a contemporary dilemma. It is one for which they have no ready answer and needed to take advice. You cannot do better than that can you? So different from a Mark Latham blowing his fuse.

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 8:44 AM | | Comments (7)


As no-one has commented on this I would have to say.
This is Rudd after the election doing the laundry.

do you mean after Rudd has lost the election in November and become a house-husband?

Tracee Hutchison in The Age interprets Rudd's handling of the crisis thus:

Here was a modern man, in a modern relationship with a wife who out-earns him several times over — complete with a brood of kids — and he's made it work. As a couple, Kevin Rudd and Therese Rein — not Therese Rudd — have made it work. Spectacularly. And it won't hurt him in the polls one bit. Quite the contrary, I'd expect the polls to keep bouncing.

This week's window into the Rudd-Rein relationship showed us two people who have been negotiating the demands and complexities of the work-life juggle for all their marriage. Hallelujah to that. And hallelujah to hearing a man who is looking increasingly like our next prime minister acknowledging that women have the right to independence, not merely to co-exist as "appendages to middle-aged men".

The story has moved on from AWA's in spite of The Australian's strenuous efforts to keep it on AWA's and IR so as to run the theme of hyprocisy. The story has flowedd into one about modern relationships and modern lives.

One strand that is not being mentioned in the media is that Rein's companies help people who are highly disadvantaged back into jobs that are worthwhile. How is she able to do this? Why is she successful here when others are not?

Yes thats what I meant. Not true I know but funny anyway

I would say that business would beckon Rudd if he lost in November and tossed in being Opposition leader.

No he's a media boy if he loses....some business too though.
Lets not forget that this whole thing is a huge marketting exercise and she has some input into the picture now. And shes good at it too.

I bet that the ALP heaved a collective sigh of relief when Therese Rain decided to sell the Australian arm or her business--Ingeus.

She sacrifices herself for Kevin and Australia.More public sympathy for Therese Rain.

Couple that with the significant community disquiet about AWAs and we have a blunted/deflected government attack from its bunker.

The Howard Government hasn't been able to control the media on this one.

The German arm of her business was mentioned on abc this morning.