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July 9, 2007

The defence of Australia doctrine been put to rest. This doctrine revolved around structuring the Australian Defence Force to protect the continent and Australia's northern air and sea approaches, maintaining a strong navy and air force to deter enemies in Australia's sea-gap before they gained a foothold on the continent. Australia is no longer threatened by Indonesia or Russia.

So how do we understand the new defence strategy? One suggestion:

Steve Bell

The main preoccupation of an Australian defence policy is fighting Islamist terrorism as part of fighting the war on terrorism. In this war the alliance with the US is primary, whilst Japan is deemed to be Australia's closest ally in the Pacific region.

National security was once in the iron grip of Howard. He owned the issue. But, suprisingly, it is becoming a policy background, especially around Iraq.

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 8:09 AM | | Comments (7)


Classic. I am going to link to this.

I think there still is a big chance of terrorist attacks in Australia that are planned by indonesians. Both here and there directed at Australians.
Isnt there a travel warning at the moment?

Terrorism and invasion are different things and require different responses. The former is primarily a policing operation.

Though Jemaah Islamiah mean business (they don't just talk), and whilst Jihadi groups and networks do represent a significant threat to Australia's national security, their capabilities have been eroded in Indonesia through smart policing.

I see that ASIO is now saying that it is the defender of an open society! What's a bit of spin these days.

Although terrorist acts can be devastating, they are not going to cause our society to collapse or permanently damage our economy.

Unfortunately, this is the message being sold to the general public.

What will cause our society to decline is the push to authoritianism and stripping of basic human rights that is being carried on behind the facade of the terrorism threat.

It is almost inevitable that we will face a terrorist act here - but what will be our leader's response?

use any event connected with terrorism to toughen up the laws and reduced personal liberty

My guess is that the Howard Government would use any event connected with terrorism to toughen up the laws and to reduce personal liberty.

Thanks for 'toon.
Best one since Pryor and Howard's "Emergency" with little Aborigine children in the swamps of the NT a couple of weeks ago.
Should contextualise above comment, by saying have just sat down after watching unedifying spectacle of Alexander Downer interviewed by Lee Sales on Latte'line.