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yet another rationale for Iraq « Previous | |Next »
July 6, 2007

So now Iraq is all about energy security for Australia. Sure access to oil remains a vital national interest to Australia, our friends and trading partners, to our wellbeing and to that of the world.

However, Iraqi civilians must be sacrificed to ensure Australia's energy security? That is the implication of the PM's remarks in an address to the Australian Strategic Policy Institute, where John Howard said the Middle East was crucial to Australia's strategic and economic future because "our major ally and our most important economic partners have crucial interests there".


Except that the members of the Howard Government cannot agree on the new justification.Or is it a rational? Why would a country with substantial energy reserves need to go to war over oil?

The Age reports that the Howard Government has descended into disarray over the Iraq war, with the Prime Minister and two of his most senior ministers providing conflicting statements on whether oil played a part in the decision to invade the country or to stay there.

Tim Dunlop has more

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 8:18 AM | | Comments (5)


If there wasn't an American presence in the Emirates how much would petrol be at the pump? Double?

Protecting us from 'inflated fuel prices' huh?

Another Howard failure of monumental proportions!

Crude was in the upper US twenty dollars range when Howard and his cronies began engineering the 'crisis' that lead to the Iraq war and was US$36 on day one of 'Shock and Awe.' Today its US$71 and climbing!

I have had a quick look at many articles and comments regarding this issue, and to be honest it is very embarrasing to a) think that anyone bought the bullshit in the first place and b) to continue discussions about the price of oil with no mention to the fact that, we Australians, are guilty, yes guilty, of endorsing the killing/massacre of innocent people to maintain our so called standard of living. Shame on everyone.

No doubt energy security(keeping petrol prices down) was road tested in focus groups.Lining up for Iraq's oil appeals to the conservative base. They have to be constantly stroked to keep them from slipping away to that nice Mr Rudd.

maybe the US, Australia and Japan can explore the South China Sea in search for energy security. If China objects, well that's too bad. Republican Washington can sort it with gunboat diplomacy 21st century style. They're itching to put China in its place.