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more Republicans bail out « Previous | |Next »
August 16, 2007

Karl Rove, who is called 'the architect' by President Bush and 'Bush's Brian' by others, is bailing out of the sinking Republican ship. I presume that Bush is referring to Karl Rove campaign acumen, as he was good at winning elections for the Republicans.

I would have thought that it was 9/11 made the Bush presidency, gave it right-wing control of Congress, neoconservative dominance and justified the Bush Presidency's endless liberty-infringement and lawbreaking at home and the abductions and torture abroad.

Alan Moir

Rove stood for using the biggest, nastiest partisan club he could find. Extreme polarisation was his style as he tried to establish Republican dominance in Washington. Rove has helped corrupt the political process, debasing public debate and polarising a divided electorate.

The Iraq war broke the Bush Presidency and rolled back the Republican tide. In Anthony Cordesman's recent report of his perceptions of a recent trip to Iraq we find these two paragraphs:

The US intervention in Iraq has driven more than two million Iraqis out of the country, including much of its most educated and professional citizens. It has displaced over two million more Iraqis inside Iraq, many of which have lost their homes and their businesses and jobs. Estimates of the total percent of underemployment and unemployment exceed 50% in virtually all of the country.

The number of Iraqi civilian dead now total at least 100,000, and no one knows howmany have been wounded. Basic services, infrastructure, and security do not exist in many areas, and sectarian and ethnic cleansing continue in much of the country, including the area around Baghdad and virtually every area with mixed Sunni and Shi'ite populations. Various estimates put the number of Iraqis that have suffered severe hardship as a result of the war and its aftermath at close to 8 million and rising --although such estimates are really “guesstimates” at best.

It's a great record. 'Strategic patience ' is the new Washington buzz word, despite this record. 'Strategic patience refers to keeping US forces at significant levels, for giving Iraqi political leaders more time, and for a strategy that would carefully phase down the US presence in reaction to actual political and military success.

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 8:23 AM | | Comments (2)


Mind boggling. It is like something out of Clockwork Orange. Good = Bad Truth = Lies.......

And still the wheels of capitalism tick over. When are we going to wake up?

Though Rove holds the position of White House deputy chief of staff, he actually runs the political arm of the Bush administration - while vice-president Dick Cheney handles day-to-day operations. Rove ensures that Bush considers the political ramifications of every presidential decision and appointment.