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"...public opinion deserves to be respected as well as despised" G.W.F. Hegel, 'Philosophy of Right'

alien reptiles at APEC « Previous | |Next »
September 2, 2007

Apparently George W Bush is one of a number of alien reptiles, or shapeshifters, engaged in the nefarious business of ensalving human kind. So says David Icke, conspiracy theorist par excellence. And Brandon Corey has bravely sacrificed a few fingers to bring us the genuine footage to prove it. The White House is swarming with these creatures, in constant contact with a network of powerful figures around the globe.

How else can you explain the Bush presidency? After all, it began with an alien reptile judge overriding the greatest democracy in the world, and getting away with it. Everything that's happened since is just more evidence, from 9/11 to the massive security operation and secrecy surrounding APEC. What's the real reason Laura won't be attending? Is she shedding at the moment?

Conspiracy theories have been around forever. Some of them turn out to be true, but most just seem to explain the otherwise inexplicable. JFK, Marilyn Monroe, Martin Luther King, Princess Di and 9/11 were all deeply traumatising events with very little in the way of explanatory narrative. People needed certainty, and none was forthcoming. Speculation becomes conspiracy theory and the next thing you know, the alien reptiles organised it.

There's another way of understanding it though. When you combine cynicism in politics with wide distrust of the media you end up with a public that can never be sure of what's going on. We expect our media to keep producing Watergates, but they give us Children Overboard headlines and skewed interpretations of opinion polls. So much of it turns out to be untrue. Who could possibly believe that the government knew nothing about the AWB shenanigans? Authority cannot be trusted. Least of all the highest authority of all, the President of the United States.

It's one thing to be sceptical about whose interests are served by our political leaders, it's another thing altogether when the only viable explanation for the behaviour of the Leader of the Free World is that he's an alien reptile.

There are plenty of alternative explanations. He could be serving business interests, family connections with the bin Laden family, pandering to Christian religious extremists longing for Armaggedon, he might be mad, or perhaps none too bright. He could be a quite intelligent person who sincerely has the best interests of the world at heart and is just widely, globally in fact, misunderstood.

There are a disturbing number of copies of the DVD The Brandon Corey Story circulating here in South East Queensland. Corey claims to have managed to get into some CIA bunker and witnessed shapeshifting among other X File-type weirdness. I know quite a few people who either believe it, or are sorely tempted to in the absence of a more believable explanation for George W Bush. You can make yourself quite unpopular by suggesting he's just an unfortunate outcome of the democratic process. It's hard to believe that democracy could get things so wrong.

They will not be surprised when Bush openly endorses Howard. Rudd has resisted so far, but if he meets with Bush and caves in on Iraq then we'll know he's become one of them through a process involving blood, I think. It could have something to do with DNA, but the details are fuzzy. Aren't all details these days?

Meanwhile, Sydney will be virtually shut down and meetings between the APEC leaders will be shrouded in secrecy. We will not be told what is said and even if they do tell us something, it won't be the truth. There may, however, be a bright spot for Peter Costello in all of this. George will have a private evening with John and Janette at Kirribili, but Pete is once again, not invited. Perhaps he knows something?

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if you refer to the usa as a democracy, you're part of the problem. get some education and come back when you've grasped the difference between democracy and elective monarchy.

We citizens don't know that much about what happens in APEC do we? It comes across as a closed shop behind a big wall that promotes open dialogue amongst its members behind the wall. We will be presented with lots of empty rhetoric about big break throughs and giant steps taken---all thanks to the statemanship of the wise and noble Howard. Only he was able to bring 20 world leaders to Australia, and do so on the cusp of an election. All hail our glorious leader.

It's all pretty vague re the purpose of APEC. What does this regional grouping exist to achieve? It looks as if APEC is in need of some refurbishment, given the existence of other regional networks--eg., ASEAN.

As I understand it APEC was invented by the Americans to force the Europeans to complete the Uruguay round of trade negotiations. Now it's about reviving the Doha round in the short term and rebuilding the momentum for global trade liberalisation.

I reckon the US sees APEC as a chance to batter down Asian barriers so that their goods and services can find new markets in Asia. It's called the liberalisation of trade. APEC is about economics--ie., trade + energy. It's about trade reform and now greenhouse.

No doubt the human faces of the big 3--Bush, Hu Jinatao and Putin--will be central to the media's representation of APEC. But what do the big 3 have in common though? Uranium? Energy? Power? We know that Howard will sign an uranium agreement with Putin to sell Russia lots of uranium, which Russia will then enrich to fuel its nuclear power plants. That's trade and prosperity.

Journalists, by all accounts, are controlled, contained and corralled, with little opportunity to analyze or examine what goes on inside. It's a spectacle, and so we will see images of leaders smiling and shaking hands for the camera's, travelling in motorcades of cars with dark windows, and being dressed up in designer fashion to do their catwalk.

Howard is hoping for an APEC -led recovery. He's hoping the authoritarians--the strong men of China and Russia--will deliver big time on free trade and global warming.

The APEC recovery that a forlorn Coalition is desiring is based on a form of multilateralism---that the Howard government has previously denounced as lowest common denominator internationalism. Bilateralism was the only way to go in those days. Remember that?

But this week is different. Multilateralism is the in thing. Maybe the bilateral business deals are done in the corridors. Multilateralism is the smoke. Who would know?

Sydney is effectively a police state under martial law. This state of affairs in a liberal democracy is deemed necessary to protect the leaders of authoritarian regimes.

I can't remember now where I saw Alexander Downer talking about APEC, about how official topic discussions are scheduled but an awful lot of important stuff goes on during casual encounters outside of the official programme. He was treating it like an academic conference, where the really important, career making networking happens in the breaks.

I remember thinking that we get fed bits and pieces the important people decide to release to the media, who may or may not pass it all on. Meanwhile the big stuff that's ultimately going to decide how we live and die will be decided over tea and iced vo-vos in a secluded corner or during a quiet conversation on the fire stairs.

I can't imagine anybody being particularly impressed by the spectacle bit, but I guess somebody must be. It sort of resonates with the surgeon as God thing - authority is authority is authority. Here on the Gold Coast it's cheaper to hire a limo than a cab, so we equate dark-windowed motorcades with hens nights and 18th birthday celebrations. Chunky concrete barricades disrupting the CBD means Indy is on and your chances of seeing a topless woman are as good as your chances of seeing a racing car. We like to pretend there's nothing sinister about Indy.

The whole atmosphere around APEC is different. It's secretive, sinister and the public is not only not invited, we're strictly forbidden from approaching large areas of our own city. For what? What are they hiding? Would we even bother with all that security if Bush wasn't coming?

He's the star attraction and it seems to me the perfect time to be talking about whether our relationship with the US and involvement in Iraq has increased our chances of a terrorist attack. Instead we're talking about protesters. How convenient for Howard.

you may find this website of interest. On it I came across this recent speech on APEC by Alexander Downer. He says that the beauty of APEC when it finally came to fruition in 1989 was that it was beginning of what is a very good idea:

...a good idea in promoting economic liberalisation and trade liberalisation, which- of course- is the key to prosperity. We take the view in the Australian Government, and it’s a statement of the obvious, I think,that there never was a country that became poor by opening up its markets. By having property rights and tradable property rights, and rule of law protecting those property rights,in a free market, there was never a country, or an economy, that became poor as a result of that...So, APEC’s basic philosophy has been one of economic liberalism, of market-based solutions, of growing trade between countries of the APEC region.

Presumably they are going to marry that basic free market philosophy to climate change. How so? Through technology applied to coal to reduce greenhouse emissions. So there is no need for mandatory targets .