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"...public opinion deserves to be respected as well as despised" G.W.F. Hegel, 'Philosophy of Right'

The Australian: red in tooth and claw « Previous | |Next »
September 13, 2007

The Australian maybe going soft on John Howard these days, but it is still is one of our nation's most stalwart and courageous warrior organizations resolutely defending the nation against the assault on our freedom by Islamofascism. The Australian's warriors argue that one of the main reasons Australia wages endless, glorious war in the Middle East -- not just in Iraq but in Afghanistan and maybe soon in Iran as it is one of Israel's enemies. -- is that the Islamofascists pose a threat to our freedoms (which Muslims hate). Their hatred for our freedoms is proven by their attempts to suppress ideas and commentaries which are offensive to their religion.

And then there is the Leftist Islamo-loving tyranny in our nation's universities who betray our country. These Leftists are full of hate for Howard and Bush and America. These anti -American leftists continue to work out of the anti-war movement playbook of the Vietnam era. The ALP has been the party of retreat and surrender. Those who condemn Howard's are helping Australia's terrorist enemies. It's obvious isn't it: those who think that the U.S. should stop invading and bombing other countries could only think such a thing because they hate America.

That is the conservative warrior discourse isn't it? Accusing the Left of being unpatriotic, anti-American and betraying the country has been a mainstream staple of the political rhetoric from our country's pro-war Right hasn't it? In running this line The Australian is basically recycling US Republican rhetoric that is forcefully expressed on Fox News.

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 9:28 AM | | Comments (8)


I was shocked to read recently that 40% of Republicans in the US still believe that Saddam personally planned the 9/11 attacks on the World trade towers in New York. Amazing

you only have to watch Fox News to understand why. It's the publicity arm of the Republican administration--far more so than The Australian is the Government Gazette here.

Fox News is closer to being a propaganda network, than it is to traditional journalism, and it is peopled by in-your-face partisan brawlers. Yet Fox News is still treated as if it were some type of legitimate journalism driven by journalistic integrity by the political press in the US.

Re Fox "news". It is amazing how those on the "right" think it is wonderful antidote to the left-liberal media.

That Devine chap from the OZ wrote an article some months ago full of praise for Fox.

I have also come across various so called "conservatives" in the USA who prattle on about the virtue of reason and yet wet their pants in enthusiasm for
Fox "news".

A larger percentage of Americans believe that Jesus will be coming back to earth in their lifetimes. Say no more.

The Murdoch press should study history, particularly the history of one Julius Streicher!

There's a new Pew study of Americans and perceived media bias. 79 percent of Democrats think the big national papers are good, only 41 percent of Republicans think so.

Republicans think papers like the Washington Post are biased and say too many mean things about America. When Clinton was around they thought the media does a good job of keeping politics honest but now they think it's just biased. Flip that around for Democrats.

I'd imagine an Australian study would probably find the same thing.

Fox News advertises itself as objective journalism.

And sugar advertises itself as fat free.

Luckily Australians aren't as cable mad as Americans. Yet.