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Captain Whacky? « Previous | |Next »
October 13, 2007

Has he become Captain Whacky` as Annable Crabbe contends in the Sydney Morning Herald? As opposed to being the fastest gun in the West; the one with a lucky streak still married to his childhood sweetheart?

Bill Leak

He's turning up everywhere with his bottomless bucket of money and pledges millions, sometimes billions, for something or other.Every time he turns up these days he has reinvented himself.

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 10:21 PM | | Comments (25)


Yeah so the Gov says SORRY
Is that the end of it? or does every government have to do some sort of sad sorry thing. Boring!

I'm sure the PM has a grip on himself and is beaving away on a his strategy to reinvent himseelf as tomorrow's man.

I'm am scared that australians are considering to make the worst mistake of their lives on 24 Nov 07. Before you vote to assist Rudd to victory think about what damage you are signing up to.

Think about the economy. Look at the improvements the Howard government has made by standing for what they believe is important no matter how much slander is thrown their way. We do not need a weak leader like Rudd. We need to be certain that Australia's interests are best met and at the moment its the Howard government that is doing just that.

Look at our Defence Force, which has gained strength and is regaining creditability by putting their skills and training to good use, not likely under a Rudd government. Board security and security in general has been hardened, not weakened by the ill informed. THINK ABOUT AUSTRALIA don't sell out our country to a weasal like Rudd.

I value what Howard and his government have done during thier term, and yes saying sorry now is better then not at all, at least he can admit that. I strongly believe to turn our back on our country now by voting Rudd is in itself unaustralian.

I'm not persuaded that the election is about leadership as many, including Paul Kelly, claim. Howard is being left behind by the wave of events on climate change and Iraq.

It's issues like climate change and water that are of concern to me; more so than national security as I live in Adelaide. Climate change and water are as much about the economy as they are about the environment.

However, I agree with you that Labor does not have a big picture new policy agenda with a vision of how to make Australia a better place to live in. It is not securing its present strength in the polls by a strong policy agenda and seems to be relying more on voters wanting to get rid of Howard.

It was Howard who did the backflip on reconciliation on his own bat. He just has a credibility thing on this issue that's all.

the Coalition does lead Labor on being the best party to handle the economy, national security, defence, interest rates and other economic issues.

Burt it has gone too far in its labour market reforms.The Howard battlers, who have stuck with him for a decade, feel betrayed.

you are right. Workchoices as a reform was not the action of a Burkean conservative. it was the action of a member of the HR Nicholls Society. Still Howard is a seasoned, capable and astute campaigner. He has been behind before and won.

I am glad that you are willing to admit that.
The battlers always feel betrayed by governments. That is the nature of being a battler.
I still call it a Coalition win by the way

Gary Sauer-Thompson: Says

"It is not securing its present strength in the polls by a strong policy agenda and seems to be relying more on voters wanting to get rid of Howard."

Policy requires debate, some will agree, some will disagree with your view. Rudd's job is to get as many votes as possible. I'd say he is doing his job well.

If policy really turns you on go and read the labor policy document.

yes they have to get the voters to choose the ALP brand---after all we are being offered competing brands with different kinds of packaging. Some will have dog whistle politics that appeal to the fearful ones---can you hear the sound of the Africans coming?

One reason I choose one political brand as opposed to another is the policy on climate change and water.

It is not just because the leader wears a cool, blue tie has hair that is neatly trimmed; wears shirts that are crisp and white and stands in front of a blue background on a lectern blazoned with "new Leadership". I'm talking about Kevin Rudd----"Rudd 07"

How is Howard or Rudd going to help Adelaide find water in a warmed up world? Its better than listening for the dogs barking and waiting for the dog whistling politicians.

it depends on how much they can limit the damage.

Thus in SA the Liberals have conceded three marginal seats and are defending the next tier--Boothby and Sturt that are on 5% margins. The three marginals are seen as acceptable losses.

This strategy of doing whatever it takes to save specific electorates it holds from falling will be repeated across the nation especially around Brisbane and Sydney.

as in any political contest parties have strengths and weaknesses. The Coalition has some good strengths--eg., the economy; it's not a rerun of 1996; Howard is an experienced and clever campaigner; The Coalition is defending a big margin---16 seats --that provide a strong buffer.

The Coalition will lose a Senate seat in South Australia. It will be won by Nick Xenophon with his No Pokies and water conservation stance. The likely result will be 3 ALP, 1 No Pokies, 2 Lib.

I am glad that the election has been called. Now at last we may get some serious political commentary from blogs rather than the over opinionated propaganda that has been being dished up of late from the Latte Labor. It really has become just pandering to the polls to increase their own stats.
Many bloggers equate hits stats to their intelligence but rather it is the drivel that attracts. Much like flies to a dogs bum.

maybe. The election is about Howard. He stands alone as he is the foundation for the government's political triumphs.

which blogs are you thinking of?

Machiavelli quote of the day:

War cannot be avoided; it can only be postponed to the other's advantage.

All the ones that put themselves forward as political commentary but really are just compulsive whiners. Or just compulsive cut and pasters that have no real ideas.
They are no better than the S.A.H.M blogs. Oh today I went to the shop, then I went to centerlink, Oh I hate the government.
Political Blogs. Oh today I went to work, then I read the Australian, Oh I hate the Government.
Their all Wankers Nan

I think Captain Wacky took his proton energy pill tonight before he went on the 7:30 report. That is the best he has performed in a while. While Kevin looks tired already. Dressed up and processed like Devon. Yes Devon Rudd! That fits.

do you include this blog in your criticism?

'Public opinion' is policy orientated, an advocate of reform, and concerned with fostering the public conversation.

Nan is right. It's not just a question of being critical of Howard because of his pork barrelling and harsh immigration policies.

Public opinion is critical of Howard because of his lack of a reform agenda: using the bumper tax revenue to ease tax-welfare traps; pushing for competition reform in energy, transport and water; reforming health care and education to help those left behind by the boom.

This is a long way from your characterisation of political blogs as:

Oh today I went to work, then I read the Australian, Oh I hate the Government.

the critical stance of 'public opinion' is similar to the criticisms of the AFR. Hence a sharp eye is kept on Rudd's policy plans.

yes it has been good in the past but of late I have been expecting a picture of Devon Rudd at the top.

You can always read Piers Ackerman at the Daily Telegraph for the Bionic man stuff.

Public opinion works with a particular interpretation of the Liberal Strategy to defend the conservative ascendancy: they are resigned to losing ground, are prepared to accept certain losses and are defending key seats to block the 17 seat target happening. It's the realistic strategy given this kind of electoral decline during 2007.

So the tax cuts can be slotted into this --they are targeted at the outer suburban battlers in the mortgage belt areas of the capital cities and some regional cities, where families are struggling with high petrol costs, rising food costs and rising house costs.

The question is: how successful will this defensive strategy be?

I would think this is strategy one week one. I would expect 5 more major announcements.
I will pass on Piers. I never listen to what fat people say. I believe that if a person can't control what goes into their mouth they can't control what comes out of it.