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"...public opinion deserves to be respected as well as despised" G.W.F. Hegel, 'Philosophy of Right'

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November 1, 2007

Regardless of the outcome this election has already had some impressive impacts for an event that hasn't even happened yet. Was it Paul Keating who said that when you change the leader you change the country? It looks very much as though we don't even need the formalities, just the likelihood is enough.

Liberal MPs, eminent conservative spokespersons and assorted media Howard marionettes are already squabbling over their own remnants. Who could have foreseen that the end of Howard would leave the Howard faithful at a loose end? Why did they allow their purpose to become so singular?

Rodney Tiffen suspects that some of our more notable opinion columnists have pro-Howarded themselves into irrelevance. I'd add Philip Adams to the list of used-to-be notables. What's the point of having a resident Howard hater without Howard?

It's probably asking for too much, but it would be appropriate if the casting changes in our political theatre were accompanied by similar arrangements in our media. Despite what our educational culture warriors would have us believe, 30 odd years of communist postmodernist teaching has served us rather well. Unlike the skills shortages we're suffering in other areas, we've managed to produce quite a few bright young things well equipped to replace the current crop.

Take a look at the offerings at the ABC's Unleashed or New Matilda's PollieGraph. The thing that strikes me about so much of it is that, unlike most of what passes for commentary at the moment, many of these people do their political analysis from a social perspective, as opposed to the politics/media bubble that bears no relation to real life.

Too bad the democratic process doesn't also apply to political journalism. Liberal MPs wouldn't be the only ones worrying about their seats.

| Posted by Lyn at 12:50 PM | | Comments (2)


Well, wasn't that the point with Rip Van Abbott.
Emerges from his den like a grizzly bear stumbling out of hibernation to bad-mouth Bernie Banton, the Tassie government, Roxon ( who did very LITTLE really, to provoke the end of his husbandly tongue) and whoever else got in his way through the day.
I know people who have had to smoke dope for years to end up as psychotic and paranoiac as some of these Canberra and Sydney people.

And to think these people are running the country. Gawd help us.