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adapting to climate change « Previous | |Next »
December 6, 2007

I managed to scan the newspapers in a newsagent in Foster, Victoria, which is just out of Wilson's Promontory, today. I saw that big industry is saying that the Rudd Government needs to take time to get climate change right. So says the Australian Financial Review, and it adds that any missteps at Bali could pitch Australia into a significant slowdown and create a governance crisis against a backdrop of rising global insecurity.


The AFR does recognize that Australia faces severe environmental and social impacts if world leaders fail to adequately manage the task of bringing down polluting emissions. The implication is that "business as usual" is not longer an option.

Surely we can move on from the debates and polemics of the past. They seem so out of date now. As does the option of free pollution permits for heavy energy intensive industries and those who want to keep the old coal fired power stations going.

I see that Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics (ABARE) has come out with a a stark assessment of Australia's vulnerability to a heating planet, a key research agency has predicted that production of wheat, beef, dairy items and sugar will fall by about 10% by 2020 as temperatures rise and rainfall declines.By 2050, it warns the nation's total economic output could have been shaved by as much as 5% as key agricultural exports are slashed by between 15% and 79% — placing Australia among the nations worst affected by climate change.

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 10:21 AM | | Comments (6)


no doubt the heavy energy interest groups will try to rort the system and the Greenhouse mafia will try and bend the politics. We wil lhear also special pleading a speical transition period for emission -intensive, trade -exposed industries.

and they will ask for free permits to pollute just as they did in Europe.

I guess the situation with Garrett was predictable. Once the greenies started booing him he was always going to be a liability. Those song lyrics are always going to go against him. If Rudd had of dumped him completely from the environment portfolio he would of looked a bit of a user. Better for Garrett to be still in the game as he does have a lot of knowledge in the area. I would expect him to be a very good minister for the arts and environment. These silly cartoons will stop when he gets out and starts making progress.

A number Australian experts, yesterday called on nations at the Bali talks to launch an agreement that would stop the global temperature from rising more than 2 degrees — considered by some a crucial threshold to avoid catastrophic consequences.

That 2 degrees is the tipping point.

Climate change is a very strong argument for Genetically Modified foods.

There will be all types of pressure placed on labor. From threats of companies taking their business off shore,that others will lose interest in trading with Australia,to wanting extra time for transition.These are tactics used in the past that have worked.It's time for change, place Global Warming and the future of our planet before company greed & profit.. (No I'm not a greenie, just someone that cares about the future)