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Agriculture and Climate Change « Previous | |Next »
December 9, 2007

The latest ABARE report on commodities should bring home to everyone the potential realities of climate change setting out as it does the likely impact of climate change on various agricultural commodities.The only good thing I noticed is the 14%reduction itemised for sugar. Can we extrapolate a reduction in obesity?

For the sceptical, and there are plenty about, a reduction in our home grown food supply would be a real wake up call. Climate change is having an affect on prices right now. With a production drop of 13% to 18% for basic foods we will really notice price increases?.

As I understand the science we can look forward to lower production and increasing prices for the next 30 years. If we are sucessfull things might then improve.

At least with CSIRO and the Bureauof Meteorology joining forces we may get better rainfall predictions!

| Posted by Len at 11:34 AM |