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corruption, NSW style « Previous | |Next »
March 1, 2008

Now, why are we not surprised:

MoirALPNSW.jpg Alan Moir

Property development, corruption and local government go together in NSW. It's part and parcel of what's called Labor's political culture. Wollongong is the latest example and the ICAC's ongoing dirty sex money inquiry shows that it has everything: sleazy property developers, corrupt councillors, friendships with Government ministers, and a fallen blonde town planner (Beth Morgan) who gives up family, friends and job, for love, only to be betrayed, humiliated and stood over by developer Frank Vellar.

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 4:34 AM | | Comments (9)


I believe that the special guest at ALP H/Qs next week is Alfonce Capone. He will deliver a lecture on bribing officials.

Rumpole QC,
I presume that he too will wear dark glasses to show that he has the street cred needed to talk on the subject?

The ALP hardly has a monopoly on shady deals with developers Gary. The weekend paper up here is cover to cover complaints about Labor holding up developments - what is known around here as 'progress'.

And not just on the Gold Coast. Brisbane has the same developer mentality under the Bligh Government.

This mob are all part of the Sussex Street network (party) that runs NSW. That network isn't about making things better. It's about staying in power. The network uses the iron fist to ensure the money flows into the party.

There are lots of jobs in Brisbane at the moment. Brisbane is a Boomtown. People have to live somewhere.Houses and apartments have to be built.Roads,Tunnels,shops all need to meet the demands of the people.
If you don't build to needs the affordable housing crisis worsens. The price of an average home in Brisbane is about to hit $500,000.

Brisbane is the driving engine of modern Australia and the gpvernment is less corrupt than in NSW. This is the face of modern Australia behind a reforming Rudd. The power of reform has definitely shifted away from NSW.

NSW and Victoria are well overdue for their own versions of Fitzgerald. All these years later Qld still has corruption, but at least we have a mechanism for dealing with it.

Brisbane's transformation owes as much to the Liberal council as to state Labor and a shared vision of the future of the city. The regions don't seem to have quite got their heads around the changes yet.

Yes I agree moderately.
Other factors are involved. The recent rains factor in confidence from the inside and outside of the state.
Many Aussies who left here are returning to take up jobs and are coming to Brisbane and the Gold Coast rather than returning to their place of birth.
We also take the lions share of New Zealand refugees because many have family here already and its a cheap flight back and forward.

There is a lot of building to be done to keep up. Recently a friend of mine advertised a little family home for rent in outer Brisbane suburbs for $410 pw. They had many calls and 9 people fill out applications. I think that says it all.

Yes N.S.W is more corrupt but no more than Qld was once. They just need weeding out.