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Australia in a globalized world « Previous | |Next »
April 24, 2008

Australia's future? Or national paranoia? China was once ranked the number one destination for foreign domestic investment. Now the cash flow could reverse from an inward-bound journey to an outward-bound one including investment in Australian companies.

Chinapower.jpg Sharpe

Former US Treasury secretary Larry Summers argued in the London-based Financial Times' "Economists" forum during the summer of 2007 that "The logic of the capitalist system depends on shareholders causing companies to act so as to maximize the value of their shares. It is far from obvious that this will over time be the only motivation of governments as shareholders."

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 7:50 AM | | Comments (1)


A bit of each I would say. It all depends on how much independence Australia can establish from US foreign policy.

That was a great article too btw, I hadn't seen it before.