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NZ: climate change « Previous | |Next »
April 15, 2008

I'm not sure how climate change is affecting New Zealand. I noticed one of the rivers not flowing as i flew over the Canterbury plains to Christchurch. Then we have story this about falling levels at Lake Taupo, which feeds the Waikato River hydro system in the North Island. I'm not sure about the South Island.

They--the authorities and press---are talking in terms of drought not climate change though. I would have thought that climate change means that New Zealand is likely to experience more frequent droughts and floods.

NZHeraldSlane.jpg Slane, NZ Herald

They should be worried because their electricity is based on hydro power and the level of water in their hydro lakes is falling.

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 6:05 AM | | Comments (6)


I always suspected that NZeders were an irreligious mob. Why not send a couple of our missionaries headed by Pastor Pete Garrett to bring the godless NZeders into the church? He could spread the bien-pensant word on global warming, climate change and those dastardly plastic bags.

NZ govt climate change office is at

Anticipated impact of climate change at

The Crown Research Institutes, of which the National Institute of Water & Atmospheric Research is one, are collectively roughly equivalent to Australia's CSIRO.

I am not one of those climate change sceptics, but when I lived in NZ in 1973 we had severe power restrictions, largely due to Lake Taupo being very low. So there needs to be a look at the long term figures before drawing any conclusions about whether the current situation is just a seasonal thing or reflecting climate change.

Could it be Hydro like coal, is not the future for power generation?
Get on with it NZ change is never comfortable.

That 1973 was more drought and localised was it not.This time it is more general accross the country.

the lakes and rivers in the South Island are very low. They've had no rain.

It's not climate change the locals say.It's just a natural cycle--every decade or so apparently.

It doesn't look that way to me.