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May 18, 2008

Avi Shlaim at Open Democracy gives us an interesting history of the Palestinian/Israeli conflict on the occasion of it being 60 years since the establishment of Israel. He concludes thus:

Sixty years on, Israel is not fighting for its security or survival but to retain some of the territories it conquered in the course of the war of June 1967. Israel within the "green line" is completely legitimate; the Zionist colonial project beyond that line is not. The war that Israel is currently waging against the Palestinian people on their land is a colonial war. Like all other colonial wars, it is savage, senseless, directed mainly against civilians, and doomed to failure in the long run.

This is what the US's unstinting pro-Israel stance tacitly defends. And:
An independent Palestinian state is bound to emerge sooner or later over the whole of Gaza, most of the West Bank, and with a capital city in East Jerusalem. It would be weak, crowded, burdened with refugees, economically dependent, and insignificant as a military force. The choice facing Israel is between accepting the inevitable with as much grace as it can muster and continuing to resist, restrict, and frustrate the emergent Palestinian state.

What complicates this is Iran.Israel's leaders holds that Iran cannot be stopped in its nuclear pursuits by diplomatic or economic means alone. Iran as a rising power with nuclear potential is just not acceptable.

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 11:24 PM | | Comments (1)


An independent Palestinian state? Good god, is he on drugs? Do you really think Hamas or Fatah could organise a camel raffle let alone a state?

Gazastan at the moment is run by a paramilitary squad of Nazistinians that even the masses accuse them of being "worse than the Jews!"