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a coal fired Queensland « Previous | |Next »
July 22, 2008

Queensland, during Peter Beattie's premiership, marketed itself as the Smart State. Under Anna Bligh it is the Resource State. Queensland's mining boom is a coal boom: coal is dug up in the Bowen Basin in Central Queensland exported to China and India, with McKay as the epicentre of the coal boom. Coal is the Queensland government's biggest export earner, and the mining talk is of a never ending boom with little in the way of wealth trickle down to the regional towns. This is a long way from recession times in America, where consumer's purses are snapping shut as house prices continue to fall and unemployment increases.

It is one indication of the way that Australia has reverted back to Quarry Australia, how state governments are hostages of Quarry Australia, and why they drag their heels on emissions trading. So they use weasel words to demonstrate their concern for reform while fudging commitments and pandering to special interests. The whole mode of governance is designed to reduce the political costs of any reform to business as usual.

Declining growth in the US and UK and boom in Australia, China and India highlight the contradictions in the world economy; contradictions that point to a general slow down in the world economy. What of the ecological consequences of China's breakneck industrialization that produces boom times in Queensland?

I'm not just thinking of the coral of the Great Barrier Ree, or the air thick with pollutants in cities such as Chongging or Peking, which turn the cities ' mists into pea-soup fogs. There is also China's surging emissions of carbon dioxide, with China overtaking the US as the world's biggest annual emitter of CO2.

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 8:41 AM | | Comments (1)


Scariest of all the state govts obsequiousness to the Quarriers of Oz is that of SA and its kowtowing to their lords at BHP with their jewel in the crown of Olympic Dam/Roxby.
'What Lola wants, Lola gets".