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learning to use a Macbook « Previous | |Next »
July 26, 2008

My first attempt after leaving the PC world to upload an image using my new MacBook. It only me 3 hours to learn how to do it. Apple's web-browser, Safari, cannot download images from the internet, as far as I can see.

Bill Leak

So I turned to Firefox to save the image. That took ages, as I had to change the settings on the mouse in order to activate the right click function. Bloody hell!. Then there is no cut and past function. More bloody hell.

So I gave up trying to unlearning old habits and went and took some photos. I just needed to step away from my frustration into a different space.

Update: 27 July
I have learnt enough about the Apple operating system to to be able to function in a basic manner--ie; to be to do my weblogs, work online, and my emails. It required a new mouse and keyboard to achieve this functionality.

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 3:58 PM | | Comments (8)


Hi Gary

safari definitely saves images :)

You can ctrl-click the image...

or you can turn on the trackpad preferences in system preference that let's you use a two-fingered tap to do a right click

a few more trackpad/mouse options are in system preferences and some other options also in safari preferences (like tabbed browsing) are good to turn on.

apple often leaves things off by default to make it easy for people new to computers. i find it a bit anachronistic these days but guess i see the point.

at least they think about it.


oh and you can always drag the image onto the desktop.. or any other application as a general rule. that doesn't require a right click at all :)

Macs are all about drag and drop. Just drag and drop what you want from the browser itself to the desktop or wherever! :)

If you have a mouse, right click, save image as, but as other commenters note, drag any image onto the desktop, then its saved.

Hi Mark,
after playing around a bit this morning I have decided to do the weblog work in FireFox and to use Thunderbird for my mail.

Hi Mac
I have found a way to cut and paste using the keyboard. I am going to have to relearn drag and paste.I prefer the latter way of working.

There are quite a few tutorials for Mac on youtube.

thanks. I will sure need them, as it is going to take me a month or so to adapt.