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August 28, 2008

I wonder what sorts of clearance procedures the pope had to undergo before he was allowed into the country?

Rapper Snoop Dogg will be the subject of a character test carried out by "immigration officials" before he's allowed to tour with Ice Cube. Like plenty of other celebs, Snoop Doggy Dogg hasn't always observed the law or common standards of civility. And of course, he's one of those gangsta, hip hop, cranky sounding black people who encourage our nice, white, middle class kiddies to enter a world of crack-addled crime and drive by shootings for the sheer fun of it.

Some of the comments over at the ABC news site are amusing.

It would probably be easier to fail him on an english test.
How about a maths test? The pic shows he can count to three, but he obviously has trouble.
We let President Bush into our country
They let in Frank Sinatra despite his obvious (albeit unproven) mob ties. How long is the list of stars with convictions that have been let in?

When was Keith Richards last in Australia?

Kevin Andrews isn't "the sort of bloke" we want in this country either, yet we're stuck with least Snoop can rap.

And the in no way at all hypocritical,

I am not happy about this, in fact i am bloody angry. Why are we letting this mongrel into our country? And what about his name, 'Snoop Dogg'? imagine him trying to introduce himself. "Hello im Mr Dogg" What a load of rubbish, You think your gangster snoop? have a bloody go then Ill be waiting at the airport to bank the crap out you

How does one go about banking the crap out of someone? Hit them with a piggy bank? Poke them to death with credit cards? Deposit them into submission?

I wonder whether immigration officials would be as concerned if Martha Stewart wanted to tour?

| Posted by Lyn at 12:04 PM | | Comments (3)


Seems as if there is some hostility to hip hop music?

You could probably find some hostility to anything if you look hard enough. Immigration is just selective in its hostility.

2 minutes worth of Google research shows that snoop has a long criminal history for drug dealing and weapons related crime.
He's a good example of someone not to let in.