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Mayo by election « Previous | |Next »
August 1, 2008

Will water feature strongly in the upcoming Mayo byelection? It was not even mentioned on the ABC's Q & A, which I watched last night, even though most of the programme was taken up with climate change.

The Mayo electorate includes the lower reaches of the River Murray, and Brendon Nelson was down at Lake Alexandrina campaigning for the byelection. Nelson said that he would do everything he could to force the Rudd Government to provide a $50million emergency assistance package for locals and the environment, with the money to be spent on carting water for farmers and assisting the tourism industry.


The ALP is not going to contest the seat. This is Liberal heartland. Nelson got a bit carried away as he publicly canvassed the option of forcing farmers to sell their water rights to tackle the crisis in the Murray-Darling Basin. Dr Nelson's spokesman later clarified the Opposition Leader's remarks, saying compulsory acquisitions would only be countenanced if drinking water supplies were under threat.

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 10:03 AM | | Comments (7)


trying to imagine the kind of person who would have kept voting for Downer despite everything, would they even concern themselves with minutiae like water and rivers and pleb farmers? What does the popularity of Downer there tell you about the priorities of the Mayo electorate?

Having said that, is it wise to have Nelson campaigning in such a place? Or anywhere for that matter.

water issues are pretty toxic in SA. They have shifted from a concern for the ecology of the area to livelihood. The lack of water and the possibility of letting the sea water past the barrages would drive many irrigators and dairy farmers our of busness.

The winemakers in Langhorne Creek are starting to build a pipeline from Wellington, at the top or northern end of the Lakes, as the fresh water in the Lakes is now too salty to use to irrigate the grapes that make the big reds.

Nelson, to his credit, mention compulsory acquisition of water licences, which is taboo for both the ALP and Coalition, especially the Coalition.

Why would those in Mayo still vote for the Coalition? No reason not too. The ALP--both federal and state---has not moved beyond Howard's position on water. The voters want Nelson to put pressure on Rudd and Wong.

Faint chance. Nelson raised the compulsory acquisition ballon only to pull it down.

Gary, It's a safe Liberal seat. Labor aren't even contesting it. From a political point of view it doesn't matter what the voters of Mayo think about anything. Same with most of the Gold Coast seats.

It would be nice if the election could be used to draw attention to the problem, but Glenn Milne is possibly the only person in the country who'll be lending it any political significance.

The political significance is that 'compulsory acquisition' of water licences in the Murray Darling Basin.Nick Xenophon needs to pick it up, run with it, and put it firmly on the policy table.

now The Australian is trying to run the line that the ALP is running scared of Costello's imminent return and they are circling the wagons in defence from the attack launched by the master general.

The Australian, which speaks for the conservative strand of the Liberal Party, has given up on Nelson as leader and is trying to draft Costello to prevent Turnbull becoming leader.

They reckon that Costello will repel the forces of global warming, roll back emissions trading, and defeat Rudd easily.

The DLP are standing a candidate in this seat(for the first time?) It will be interesting how many votes they get, as they are the only Labour Party standing.
It will also enable them to gain some profile to assist them in their ressurgence in S.A