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September 12, 2008

Costello's political memoirs are not out yet. What we have so far is publicity to entice us to buy the book. The publicity includes titbits in the form of interviews with senior Canberra Fairfax journalists

SpoonerCostello.jpg Spooner

The bits that I have read are not that interesting. There are the usual digs at Howard, Turnbull and Nelson; praise for his economic management and some remarks about the Liberals needing to remain a right of centre party. That's not enough to persuade me to buy the book.

On the renewal of the Liberal Party Costello says:

Well, I think this is the question. It didn't renew itself in office, and so I think the public voted it out. I think the message from the public was 'You're now in Opposition, you have the chance to renew.And you in the media have to give them space to do this, you've got to give them space to engage in some critical analysis. If all critical analysis is going to be turned into 'shock horror, divisions in the party, leadership instability', they won't be able to do that.

Costello argues the Liberals are captive of "a cult of the leader", which he contrasts with Labor's "cult of the party". Labor removes the leader when necessary; the Liberals, argues Costello, are the leader's captive. Costello is not sure that this can be reformed - "it's a cultural thing".

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News Ltd must be annoyed that Fairfax has all the leaks and interviews. They have been left out in the cold.

yes News Ltd has been left out and they are not saying much that is new. Here is Shanahan

While there is little doubt Costello's ruminations have caused some of his former supporters discomfort, there is absolutely no doubt that his actions have hurt Nelson's standing as Opposition Leader the most. As a potential rival sitting on the backbench, Costello drew political life from Nelson and built the impression of not just backing him as leader, but actually propping him up. Yet for all the damage Nelson has withstood, compared with the high regard Costello enjoys among the public and in the Liberal Party, Nelson's tenacious behaviour and goodwill towards Costello have won him praise and support. Costello's ability to hit Labor's economic soft spots, and the eagerness with which they attacked him, also reflected poorly on Turnbull as Coalition Treasury spokesman.
So with Costello withdrawn, he has left Nelson vulnerable and Turnbull a wounded beneficiary of all the confusion.

Costello was never in the race. It was a fiction fanned by the journalists at News Ltd

The criticisms are very muted for someone leaving politics. Most of the barbs are directed at Howard for not handing over the leadership of the LIberal Party to Costello. But he is not bitter!

"Costello argues the Liberals are captive of "a cult of the leader", which he contrasts with Labor's "cult of the party"."

Well that's news. I thought the ALP was supposed to have some kind of messiah obsession with Whitlam, Hawke and Keating. Or did I read that in the Australian?

It's really a criticism of the Liberal Party for not renewing itself. The bit about the Labor Party is the way to make it more palatable to the self-obsessed Liberals, who continue to talk about themselves.

It would need to have a centerfold of him and Howard on a bear skin rug for me to buy it.

Just aboring example of postmod ambush advertising.
I don't see that they've the right to hijack the polical progress, just to either peddle a book for someone's private gain, or to milk sympathy for a has-been.
That's NOT what the political process, especially parliament, is for.
Lots of folk and lots of real issues "out here" and instead we are force-fed such garbage.

Yuck Les. Chunder yuck.