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It's Afghanistan not Iraq now « Previous | |Next »
September 10, 2008

The focus in the US's eternal, global war on terrorism to establish a Pax Americana, currently through the Bush administration's neoconservative agenda of democratizing the Muslim world, has shifted back to Afghanistan. The resurgence of the Taliban, the revitalisation of al-Qaida, and even the jihadist presence in western Pakistan is meet by intense military force by the Americans.

So there will be more civilian deaths, increased instability in Pakistan, a deepening civil war in Afghanistan that is now in its eight year, NATO increasingly being seen as an occupying force in Afghanistan by Afghans and growing hatred of the United States across Afghanistan and Pakistan.

The decision to launch missile and commando raids by US troops against al-Qaeda-related targets in Pakistan's North-West Frontier Province region risks further destabilizing the Pakistani military and government.

As Tony Karon at Rootless Cosmopolitan says:

No amount of wishful thinking can hide the reality, however, that six and a half years after the US-led military intervention that scattered the Taliban, the presence of some 50,000 Nato troops has not prevented the movement from regrouping and mounting a resurgence that has sabotaged plans to rebuild the country on Western-friendly terms.

Rebuild? The American government has consistently failed to develop a comprehensive policy of nation-building in Afghanistan. Rather than invest in the renewal of the country’s agriculture, educational system, and infrastructure, the Americans had decided to trust entirely to a military solution against al-Qaeda. The idea seems to be that the U.S. can invade and occupy parts of Pakistan and Afghanistan just as it has invaded and occupied Iraq.

The corrupt American-dominated status quo in Afghanistan (the client Karzai regime) been helpless in providing an alternative to the frighteningly resurgent Taliban and its ally al-Qaeda. So we have endless conflict. It is not a a “development assistance” mission which the Australian military is involved in, but a full scale war. For the war party Pakistan looks to be the new frontier.

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 7:01 AM | | Comments (3)


It's been mentioned elsewhere, what it's really all about is this gas pipeline. They are flapping about like mother hens to control this pipeline and nothing else much matters.
And an Australian government runs around after them like mother Hubbard, ready to wipe their bums everytime they get in a flap.

Nothing from anyone of Rudd' defence spending hike announcement?
Back to Howardism at its worst, where urgent spending on social infrastructure us denied while supposedly scarce dollars are automatically splurged on barely operative junk from US corporations.

if we (US) wanted to foster democracy in the arab world why then don't we go after states that are non democratic? ie.Saudi Arabia

because the Us does not want to foster democracy it wants to spread corperate rule through capitolism.

any state that is not a capitolism (or at least willing to buy into our (us)broken economy become an enemy or a terrorist state.

and for that matter the bush family has had it paws burried deep into the opium trade since vietnam. has anyone noticed the record crops coming out of afghanistan the last few years.

and there is one thing US still knows how to make WEAPONS/WAR