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"...public opinion deserves to be respected as well as despised" G.W.F. Hegel, 'Philosophy of Right'

Liberals go postmodern in glum times « Previous | |Next »
September 3, 2008

This cartoon is just too good to let slip by--retro Liberals appealing to the regional/country base:

LeakBishop.jpg Bill Leak

The Opposition is trying to defend its economic record. They realize that Labor lost control of the economic story when it lost government in 1996. It never really recovered until last year. The Liberals have a good economic story to tell about successful economic management. But they have lost control of it in that they allowed inflation to get out of hand and forced the Reserve bank to raise interest rates.

Now they are faced with the prospect of the Rudd Government becoming the crowd who delivered lower interest rates. The Rudd Government are the successful economic mamnagers. Or so the rhetoric goes.

The Coailtion is trying to regain the initiative by pointing to the economic downturn and rising unemployment now that Rudd Government's rhetoric about the inflation genie being let out of the bottle is quietly laid to rest as the global credit crisis (US, Europe, Japan) increasingly takes centre stage. Fears rise about the effects of a global economic downturn, takes the shine off resource stocks and prices.

Quarry Australia pins its hopes on China continuing to develop in leaps and bounds despite the lower demand for China's exports. Despite that hope Australia continues to block Chinese investment in Australia resource companies in the name of nationalist politics-----the national interest regime spalces regulatory barriers against Chinese investors.

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Didn't tough girl Bishop defend ex bikie Nelson from being monsterd by the pit bull Belinda Neale?