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Sarah Palin chips fingernail « Previous | |Next »
September 3, 2008

The amazing Sarah Palin gossip fest chugs on. And on.

If nothing else it's proven a great opportunity to study how colourful American culture can be.

Apparently, Palin eats moose, hates polar bears, doesn't mind if intelligent design is taught in schools as long as it's taught alongside creationism, is married to a bloke known as First Dude with an ancient drink driving record, is a mother of five with funny names unless you believe the youngest one is actually her daughter's, in which case the 17 year old's current unmarried pregnancy is her second, thinks the proximity of Russia to Alaska constitutes foreign policy experience, wants to drill for oil in Alaskan nature reserves, is the Republican idea of eye candy, has done some iffy things in the domains of campaign funding, abused her position with regard to an unpopular ex-brother in law, will give the McCain campaign a boost, will sink the McCain campaign to the bottom of the deepest sea.

As Trevor Cook observes, you can't make this stuff up.

In today's developments, according to his MySpace, the father of the 17 year old daughter's pregnancy is a proud redneck who doesn't want kids. Wow, that must be a historical first.

And it turns out Palin was foisted on a reluctant McCain because otherwise the Republican fundamentalists would stage a revolt at the Convention. It was better to choose Palin than suffer public embarrassment.

Everything will be OK now though, because at the last minute George W took a break from supervising the hurricane effort down south and addressed the convention via video link to assure the nation that McCain is ready to lead. Phew.

| Posted by Lyn at 1:04 PM | | Comments (9)


All in all, a good example of conservative values. Working example of level of success of redneck ideology in family parenting, in particular.
Unsurprisingly, the polls are said to be narrowing.

you missed a crucial bit: Palin eats the moose she has shot herself. Guns are very important for Republicans.

Paul, the polls are said to be narrowing by some, and to be widening by others. The Palin thing hasn't settled down yet so you have to wonder how useful polls are at the moment.

Resentful Clinton supporters are supposedly supporting Palin, which makes you wonder why they bothered supporting Clinton, but Palin is supposedly driving independents and economic Republicans to Obama. Time will tell.

Gary, yes, the inexplicable Republican gun culture. The crucial bit for mine, which you don't see considered in all this fuss, is what this might be doing for US credibility at an international level. Sure, it's a domestic election, but what would be the consequences for the US standing in future international negotiations?

The fact, Gary, she (apparently) shot the moose herself shows she knew what was involved in killing another animal.

Unlike the ACT Government, she didn't get others to do her dirty work!

I wasn't aware that Alaska had a moose overpopulation problem.

At least she had the decency to eat her victim, unlike the ACT government.

At the moment Ms Palin is the story. The Republican convention is the side issue. The revelation that Palin's 17 year old daughter is five months pregnant out of wedlock must be causing quite a stir give the Bush government-backed abstinence-until-marriage sex education programs, or that Governor Palin opposes any school-based sex education that does not adopt the abstinence approach; or that the Republican platform does not allow for exceptions in abortion in the cases of rape, incest or even to save the mother's life.)

What has happened to Bush? No appearance at the Convention. Forgotten? Become a burden? Yesterday's hero?

I see that Palin rocks the Republican Convention. The base is happy. This is the new face of Republicanism.

On the whole the convention was more interesting for what didn't happen than for what did. Of course Palin rocked the joint, otherwise the theatre wouldn't work. And she's a much stronger character than the gossip made out.

The arrival of a storm to account for the absence of Bush and Cheney couldn't have gone better if they'd organised it. The saviour that was Bush doesn't wash anymore, and McCain isn't sufficiently saviour-like. In that sense, McCain is a bit of an absence as well. Palin came along at the last minute to stand by her man, and be the great woman behind every great man, complete the family picture. Working families writ large.

Yep, the reactive adhocracy of the US crackers would make the NSW Right look organised and purposeful by contrast.
I'm living a sort of Groundhog Day, accept that its Southpark, but it exists within the realms of reality.