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US---change afoot « Previous | |Next »
November 1, 2008

And so the conservative Reagan Republican era in the US draws to a close, skewered by rising inequality, bad health care, a failed foreign policy and an economy in a recession. President Bush is deemed responsible, the Republican brand is torn and frayed and Republicans are looking for someone to blame for their unpopularity. That brand, which is part of a broader nativism driven by conservative definitions of what constitutes a real or good American, will need rebuilding.

MoirMcCain.jpg Moir

Obama has tapped the mood for change as the American Dream looks to be beyond reach for many Americans. If Obama wins ---as I expect him to--- he will unwind the Bush decade and the debacle of both the financial crisis and the two wars. Trouble is, there is so much to clean up that there won't be much time in the first term to bring about the change that is expected. Expectations are high for a new America.

The New American Century lasted a decade. Financial crisis and defeated objectives in Iraq and Afghanistan (and Georgia?) brought the neoconservative project for American world hegemony reached its limits in the latter part off 2008. The superpower that set the rules for everyone else and considered its way of thinking and doing business to be the only road to success is taken a battering.

What will change is the endless hairy-chested militarism and the corresponding for-us-or-against-us unilateralism that created an atmosphere where dissent was not tolerated.Obama (and McCain) would ratify Kyoto and set modest greenhouse reduction targets.

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 4:36 AM | | Comments (3)


"Expectations are high for a new America"

Yeah, they were high for a new Australia with Rudd too. How's the climate change policy coming along Kevin? Anything to say about renewables that doesn't veer off into clean coal talk?

I think the best we can hope for out of Obama is that the global belligerence dial will be turned down from 11. Is it even possible for the finance and war messes to be cleaned up within even a two term presidency?

During the next 8 years China, India and Brazil will grow. If the global clout of the US continues to weaken as some are predicting, we can expect some kind of reckoning for the foreign policy of the past 8 years. The country, and whoever is running it, has a bit more nastiness to deal with yet.

the recent raid on Syria---to kill Abu Ghadiya, a man they said had been funnelling ''foreign fighters'' allied to al-Qaeda into Iraq--- symbolizes what Bush's foreign policy is about: an ethos that was unilateral; it trampled on state sovereignty; and it relied on force as a first, not last, resort. It is a legacy tainted by Iraq.

Call me paranoid, but the raid on Syria and the largely unreported raids in Pakistan are very scary. There are reports today that the US has been in London trying to convince people that international law should be changed to allow them to bomb people on a whim. The wingnuts are still in charge of the White House and Pentagon until January. None of that adds up to anything innocent or vaguely nice in my book.

Andrew Denton's interview with Imran Khan was an eye opener on the consequences in, and for, Pakistan. I can't imagine anything more stupid than these raids, other than something vastly more stupid involving nukes. Wait, yes, I can imagine things more stupid than the raids.