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Benedict XVI on Xmas « Previous | |Next »
December 27, 2008

The Pope--Benedict XVI--- in the context of his Christmas "greeting" to the Roman Curia made some controversial remarks about gender and homosexuality along the lines of protecting the rainforests from destruction in the same vein as protecting heterosexuals from homosexuality. The full text is here.

Benedict XV1.jpg

The pope's concession to the environment is perfunctory and superficial – "Yes, the tropical forests merit our protection" – and subordinated to "the human being as a creature (which) merits no less protection – a creature in which a message is written which does not imply a contradiction of our liberty, but rather the condition for it."

This is a religion that gives human beings dominion over nature, the conquest of which has been one of its proudest achievements. It is not likely that it will contribute anything very helpful to the discussion of the relationship either between humanity and the earth

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 11:09 AM | | Comments (3)


Is he doing the Y from the Village Peoples song Y.M.C.A?

the Pope does say:

The ultimate foundation for our responsibility towards the earth rests on our beliefs about creation. The earth is not simply our possession which we can plunder according to our interests and desires. It is rather a gift of the Creator who has designed its intrinsic laws and with this has given us the basic directions for us to adhere as stewards of his creation.

We are the stewards of the earth

Could well be Les. Who knows what Steve Bell had in mind