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January 10, 2009

Although I live in Adelaide I am not that connected with the regional digital social media My excuse is that, despite the existence of an free wireless hotspots that is much more extensive than other capitol cities, the creative industries do not appear to have a very strong presence in Adelaide.

In this one newspaper town--its tabloid infotainment the digital mediascape is rather sparse and political blogging is rather light. The creative industries are seen as not a real industry sector as they produce only ephemera and rhetoric unlike the agriculture, biotech and educational industries. They are understood in terms of their non-market value, and market failure in the provision of public goods by economists.

So it is interesting to see the public relations/ webdesigner /marketing crowd moving online----eg., Simon Small commenting on the digital mediascape in Australia Maybe they were always online and I never knew? My assumption was that they were resistant to the evolution of the media space into the digital and social media world.

When online they have a different perspective to that deliberative democracy and creative culture, since the produsers work in the digital public sphere with their keen eye centred on both branding -- eg.,Thoughtfactory is a media brand in the marketplace competing with a lot of other brands--and communication.

So what is disclosed by reading Simon Small? Well, the new media are all about connections that undermine--- remove--- the assumption held in most political-economy accounts of media that there is a one-way flow of causation along this ‘value chain’, from (active) producer via text-distribution to (passive) audience. In a social network all are engaged in the mutual enterprise of creating values, both symbolic and economic

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 12:03 PM | | Comments (9)


interesting commentary on the digital social media by that Simon Small.

But no links to others in his field on his blog. Only posts that he is reading. Is he alone in being online in Adelaide? I'm curious to find out what the digital state of play is in the marketing, web design, advertising circles in Adelaide.

dunno. I wish I was more plugged into the digital networks in Adelaide. My feeling is that Adelaide is backward and resistant rather than innovative and entrepreneurial. But it is only a gut feeling.

Isn't social media incompatible with geographically defined limits? Isn't that the whole idea?

for sure. diverse people would be plugged into different networks. But it is hard to find those plugged in talking about Adelaide.

Tim Dunlop might be the person to ask about that.

Apart from the concern of being online, or Adelaide as a digital city, I'm interested in what is a digital city. Clearly it is more than having high speed broadband at home and in the office; electronic suburbs, having lots of free wireless hotspots in the CBD, or big television screens with 244 hours news in public places.

It is about connections and the use of the fragments of information flowing through those connections. rather than view that the digital is replacing the 'real' metropolis.

Hey all,

Thanks so much for the post Gary.

Its funny, geographical boundaries shouldn't matter, but you'd be surprised how much more enjoyable blogging is when you've met the people you're talking too (or maybe you aren't)

In Adelaide there is a bloggers meet up group, being lead by Shai Coggins, and they've started to collect some passionate people, however, not many are interested in the channel so much as their interests (food, travel, art, whatever)

Here are some links to Adelaide blogs that I'm aware of:

Shai Coggins (great women, smart and friendly)

Leila Henderson (intersted in PR, and started

Charlie Helen Robinson

Jim Manning

Here are the Adelaide Bloggers meetup (the member list)

A critical mass is forming, which creates massive growth in locally relevant content.

Although its global, local interests, issues and relationships are important.

Several questions that could be asked:

how do communication and information technologies enhance a person’s experience of a place;

how do people interpret cities with the use of technology;

how does mapping influence the design and planning of cities;

how does the ‘big brother’ surveillance of the streets impact on our privacy and security as citizens.

thanks for the links. I find them useful Your comment sat in the spam box for some reason--too many links?

yes local relationships do matter. The online leads to face-to-face meetings. Interesting isn't it.