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Israel's political strategy in Gaza is..... « Previous | |Next »
January 24, 2009

So white phosphorous bombs were used by Israel in its destruction of Gaza infrastructure. My interpretation of the tactics of the militant Zionists in hitting the Gaza ghetto so hard is that this was attempt to destroy Hamas, end the armed resistance to its occupation of the Palestinian territories by turning Palestinians against Hamas, replace Hamas with a submissive Fatah and so bring bring stability to the region.

BellSGaza.jpg Steve Bell

This devastation was designed to create a more secure situation for Israel by degrading Hamas's capabilities and by re-establishing the credibility of Israel's deterrence. But what was the political strategy associated with the military campaign? What was it trying to achieve?

My inference from the devastation is that it was to bomb and starve the Palestinians into submission. My judgement is that Israel has ended in empowering an enemy in political terms that it defeated in tactical terms. Moreover, Israel’s actions have seriously damaged the US position in the region, any hope of peace, as well as moderate Arab regimes and voices in the process. Any peace process that seeks to marginalize, not integrate, Hamas is doomed to fail. Sooner or latter, the US and Israel are going to have to start talking to Hamas and begin to negotiate.

The political aim is to prevent the establishment of a Palestinian state and to prevent a discussion about the refugees, the borders and Jerusalem. This whole package--known as the Palestinian state--- has to removed from the agenda indefinitely. As Henry Siegman says in the London Review of Books Israel’s leaders are determined to destroy Hamas because:

they believe that its leadership, unlike that of Fatah, cannot be intimidated into accepting a peace accord that establishes a Palestinian ‘state’ made up of territorially disconnected entities over which Israel would be able to retain permanent control. Control of the West Bank has been the unwavering objective of Israel’s military, intelligence and political elites since the end of the Six-Day War....They believe that Hamas would not permit such a cantonisation of Palestinian territory, no matter how long the occupation continues. They may be wrong about Abbas and his superannuated cohorts, but they are entirely right about Hamas.

Israel will build more settlements and roads in the West Bank and the Palestinians will remain locked up in a handful of impoverished enclaves in Gaza and the West Bank. The two-state solution is probably dead.

Yitzhak Laor concurs. In the London Review of Books he says:

Israel is engaged in a long war of annihilation against Palestinian society. The objective is to destroy the Palestinian nation and drive it back into pre-modern groupings based on the tribe, the clan and the enclave. This is the last phase of the Zionist colonial mission, culminating in inaccessible townships, camps, villages, districts, all of them to be walled or fenced off, and patrolled by a powerful army which, in the absence of a proper military objective, is really an over-equipped police force, with F16s, Apaches, tanks, artillery, commando units and hi-tech surveillance at its disposal.

Tough words. Few could say that in Australia.

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 11:47 AM | | Comments (3)


I'm still open-mouthed about how mild the condemnation (within Australian government and MSM circles) of Israel's actions has been.
Overkill is such a weak word for what occurred in Gaza.
In my mind there is no doubt that Palestinian civilian casualties were intended as part of the Israeli military/political strategy.

clarengegirl---it has been very mild hasn't it. The militant Zionist Israeli account has been accepted despite it not according with reality. So the US Congress will go back to giving the Israeli military $30 billion in arms, Israeli colonization of the West Bank will proceed apace, and the statelessness and expropriation of the Palestinians will worsen.

Australia policy towards Israel is not just a matter of the following Washington. It is also the result of interest group politics. There is an "Israel Lobby" that works assiduously to shape our policy towards Israel. And this lobby, like many other lobbies, has been, and continues to be, successful.

If the resulting policy of making the Palestinians the rea levil nasties hasn't been optimal for either Australia or Israel, then criticizing Israel results in you getting called an anti-Semite rather a lot---eg.,for suggesting that Israel should not launch a strategically incoherent bombing campaign in a densely populated urban area,