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May 13, 2009

The fallout from Monday night's Four Corners has a way to go yet, but it looks as though Matthew Johns' career prospects are being worked out today. And Kevin Rudd has yet to declare his personal disgust.

Plenty has already been said about the simple, but complicated, issue of rugby league players' off-field behaviour and a continuing pattern of abuse of women. Simple because sexual violence is plain wrong. Complicated for all sorts of reasons, some of them explored in the Four Corners program.

Consent is fuzzy when all parties are drunk. Some women do consider footy star-f.cking a hobby and how are dim footy players expected to know the difference? Players are trained to practice tribal aggression and encouraged to think of themselves as exceptional. The normal rules of reporting assault don't apply when a woman is going to be subjected to suspicion and outrage from clubs, media and fans. Boys will be boys. There's something suspiciously homoerotic going on. And on and on it goes.

Personally, I'd be happy if rugby league sank into oblivion altogether. Matthew Johns is just the current symbolic figure to embody a small part of what's wrong with the whole ideal of televised meathead aggression.

He'd be a significant scalp. High profile playing career, Footy Show co-host, game commentator. He's an all-round media star, which is part of the problem. If Nine and Fox sack him, justice can be seen to be done and we can all forget about it and get on with our lives.

Trevor Cook thinks Johns should apologise, make restitution, and make a difference. I'll go along with that, as long as it's relentless. He should keep his Footy Show job, and his good deeds should be broadcast far and wide.

And dig up another Deb Spillane to take his commentary job. While Johns sets the example for the appropriate treatment of women, a strong female commentator can set the example for a proper female footy fan. And find some token psychologist for league broadcasts to point out the Freudian connotations of just about everything the game thinks is manly and the Footy Show thinks is funny.

Part One of the Tracey Grimeshaw interview with Mathew Johns and his wife on A Current Affair There are three parts to the video on the Current Affair site. It is an excellent interview.

For good commentary on the issue a useful place to start is still the article linked to early in the post---- Michael Jeh's One of the Boys over at Unleashed. This describes the culture of the NFL, which is where a lot of the problems lie, since this is a culture accepting of the degrading treatment of women.

| Posted by Lyn at 1:31 PM | | Comments (112)


I didn't watch the 4 Corners show, but from the bits I heard in the media flows it looks as if they only scratched the surface of the deep seated sexual abuse that is currently being covered up as good clean consensual group sex.

Interesting how quick the politicians are to condemn sexual images by Bill Henson, but are so silent when it comes to rape NFL style. They all run for cover.

Deb Spillane. Wasn't she unique?
Nothing like her before or since, unless you think Helen Razor, or maybe a few more as to print media. But none of them have translated to the screen, and gloomy-guss current women commentators lack the deftness, lightness, subtlety and touch of a Spillane.
Same as they've yet to find a real replacement for MacKew, as to current affairs communication.

I'm told talkback radio has had plenty of callers anonymously confirming that Four Corners barely touched the surface. Which is no surprise.

When John Fahey is done with drugs in sport, maybe he can get onto this, which is far more urgent and at least as well known.

Spillane was great, but she put up with huge amounts of crap.

What a surprise! Footy players like sex too. Whoever would of thunk that?
Thats the down side of becoming successful in sport. You suddenly cease to be just a person and have to become a role model.
Ratings will be huge for the Footy show tomorrow and thats what is really important.

Channel Nine could very well give Mathew Johns the boot ---family values and all that conservative stuff. The men at the Footy Show wallow in dislike and contempt for woman. It belongs to the 1950s.

They have dumped him. And he never worked for Fox, as my post incorrectly alleges.

Channel 9 needs to do some serious thinking about its moral responsibility to Australian culture in running the Footy Show with its sexist and mysogynistic attitudes. The so-called apology by Mathew Johns on the Footy Show was disgusting. He apologised to his family and friends for the embarrassment caused and at no stage made any attempt to apologise to the victim! And, just to make it worse, the interviewer responded with the words "Well said" (or words to that effect) and "On with the Show"!!! I think that in the 21st Century we are sick of this show. Please Channel 9 do something towards improving attitudes of Australian men towards women instead of making weak, token gestures.

On subject of starf-cking...
Just watching not one, but two filmclips at ABC showing press and media vulturing Johns swarmed over by a bunch of male, also several female, mainly grumpies, impromptu led by Hoodoo Gurus leadsinger.
Seems the only thing they hate more than raunchy rugbies is somewhat intrusive media press swarms.
Once more one for ethnologists, as argy-bargy for one and all at airport.

i watched the four corners show on monday night and yes i do feel for the lady.But in the interview i can not recall her telling the players to ever stop, if you didnt want it to continue on why didnt she pipe up and say the word.The only thing that i can see that Mathew Johns has did wrong is to be unfaithful to his wife.

Why has the girl waited 7 years to say anything. Why has she waited until Matthew Johns has become a public figure to bring these events forward. She was at the time a willing participant. Why is it only Matthew Johns who's name has come out of this. She knew what was going to happen before she went back to the room. Stop putting all the blame on the footballers. These girls know what they are doing.

We think that Matthew Johns is coping a hiding over this accusation of the then 19 year old women. She was a conscenting adult, she was old enough to vote, be tried as an adult in the australian legal system & make a responsible decision. We believe that the only person he has to answer to, is his wife & family & that is it. We believe that he is a nice man & maybe both the 19 year old women & Johns made a bad decision at the time & that is all that it is. Give Johns a break & give him his job back & credibility.

my thoughts are with matty johns and his family so many girls willingly take part in this and then cry rape its the girls who should be ashamed i dont condone rape of any form no means no but if u ask for sex then u get it its not rape everyone needs to judge the women what kind of women goes into a room with 2 guys then lets any other guy in the room have sex with her it says everything about her she jst wants her 2 minutes of fame and she doest care that it comes at the cost of his career and his family

I watched 4 Corners and also observed the media beatup about Matthew Johns being dumped. There are two sides to every story and why wait 7 years for the story to air? There are victims all round, the woman involved, Matthew Johns, his family, career. Why haven't the other players come forward ? Woman X, Matthew and Family you have my love and support

I'm not usually one to make comment on media witch hunts like this, but I would be far more embarrassed if I were Tracey Grimshaw than Matt Johns. The interview on A Current Affair was pathetic, and one sided. I love Matt's wife attitude, say he only has to answer to her for the infidelity and nobody else.

The police investigated this when it occurred and found there was no case to answer, and it still looks this way.

Keep your chin up Matt, there are plenty of people out here that still support you.

i she was that suicidal what not do seven years ago??!! she needs the money!! hmm. it has taken that long to get her so called story to air. what a load of BS!! all she is doing is tarnishing the good name of a sportman and his family. money money money!! that is what it is all about.. you enter a room with footy players having a few beers you offer yourself spead the legs!!!!! suffer the consequences. the responsibily is yours my dear!!

These sporting profiles have an image to uphold and if these Rugby League PIGS won't live up to expectaions, then they must be made to suffer!

Matthew Johns knew exactly what he was doing when gang banging that girl, shouldn't blame it on the alchohol as it should not be incorporated with sport and not used as an excuse for inappropriate behaviour!

Good Riddance to BAD RUBBISH!

Re censored post.
A cowardly thing, censorship, unless you are Josef Goebbels.

This whole tawdry episode is truly nauseating. A belated apology to the victim is so indicative of the entire mentality with these gross and disgusting individuals.

And I do agree that it is a damning indictment of the PM that he could come out in such a forceful manner against some photos, but remain silent in such a distasteful and brutal actbeing performed by a so called pillar of society.
All in all I truly wonder where we are heading when perpetrators of this type of deeply offensive behavior are feted and protected until the shit really hits the fan, and only then do the powers that be decide that they should take action.

Mathew has made many trips overseas and auditions trying to break into the American market. That is where he sees himself. He does have some comedy acumen and timing. After watching his performance on ACA all I can say to him is You Wanker.
He doesn't care about losing his job. Its all about self promotion.

i do not think he should loss hes job.( i must be the only one)it was investigated 7 years ago,it was consensual.some people may not like the whole group sex idea,but each to their what will this mean for him.he still has the right to support his family.what about brett stuart as far as i know he still has a job. the word victim being used. your not if you consented.if you are out drinking (man or women) you have to be responsible for yourself's and others. that's the risk you take getting drunk. i'm sure she has issues. i know i would if i let myself be invould in something like that. i hope you approve my not be popular. by the way i'm a women and this is what i think.

Yes or no, drunk or sober, your still responsible for the kid, and the women gets to choose if if goes full term.

Mathew acted in a way that no animal would yet he justifys his behavior.As for his wife Trish making comments that she would not be proud if that girl was her daughter !!!!How proud are your parents now Trish, of there son in law?. Im sure your dog of a husband spun you a great story in relation to what happened that night....Matthew Johns ring leader of the dirty dozen!!!....Trish is guilty of insulting a woman traumatised by her scumbag husbands actions and not to mention his mates.Trish come to Melbourne and I will show you hell on earth.A smack in the mouth should do the job.Then you might come to your senses and kick him to the curb........

you say that Matt's has only to answer to his wife for the infidelity and to nobody else. He doesn't have to answer to the women he had sex with for the suffering he has caused her? Channel Nine thinks he a case to answer. They've dumped him.

I can't believe Matthew Johns has been stood down for this. Good bye the footy show - he was the main star of the show.

I just don't understand, we've heard it was consensual, it was 7 yrs ago, police investigated and no charges were laid. Why should he apologise to her - she was willing participant at the time if you have problems now deal with it, you can't go back on it now because you feel like it, why is it the footballers fault?? I know alot of footballers have problems in this area - I completely agree they need help but how stupid are you if your a woman to put yourself in this situation to begin with. I am a 30 yr old woman and anyone who rapes or abuses a woman needs to be dealt with heavy hands but in this instance were she consented there just has to be a motive for her.

I think Matty is a legend, each to there own about what sort of sexual activities they get up to, ESPECIALLY when consented to.

Cannot believe this is a story. Four corners find some real news.. not happy

the rugby league culture has turned a blind eye to the behaviour of players relating to their treatment of women, and attitudes towards women and sex. The blind eye defence no longer works.

Shame is the beginning of the ethical response to the alcohol fuelled behaviour of the Cronulla Sharks.

a while ago i saw a documentary called 'footy chicks'
a real eye-opener, not just the guys' behaviour, but the girls' as well
none of this stuff is surprising to me, except the one-sided media coverage... oh, wait.

would you still feel the same if the situation were reversed. eg., the woman is replaced by Mathew Johns and the Cronulla Sharks are replaced by lather clad gay bikies. Would you then say:

Johns knew what was going to happen before he went back to the room. Stop putting all the blame on the bikies. These star footballers know what they are doing.

Or would you now have some sympathy for Johns? if so, what causes the different response?

The person involved presumably consented to a sexual encounter with either one or both of the two football players that she met at her workplace, a pub. She did not consent to becoming a pornographic spectacle, nor did she consent to the involvement of the other ten or so people.

Therefore it was rape.

Her description was of a relentless flow of new people appearing via the door and window, and of continually being touched by many people without knowing exactly who was touching her.

The structure of the situation did not allow for consent; perhaps this is why the Cronulla people enacted it this way.

Plainly it was rape, and possibly methodical rape.

Perhaps the team curtailed the case by exerting influence, or perhaps the targetted person was too distraught or diminished to drive it. Certainly the incident, regardless of there being no case, was criminal.

Even if she initially consented to Johns, she had a right to know what she stood to encounter. He was an accessory to the crime at the very least.

The relevant NZ department could still sue the perpetrators for the expense of treating the PTSD that the person now lives with. I hope they do. Perhaps we should petition them to do so.

If Johns truly regretted the incident, rather than regretting being caught, then he would voluntarily foot the bill for this person's therapy and her opportunities to self-actualise.

Matthew Johns et al, it is the least you could do.

'Claire', you have every right to wish them dead; it represents expelling their behaviour from our culture.

2002 line-up of the Cronulla team:

The Squad

1 - David Peachey © (Fullback)
2 - Matthew Rieck (Winger)
3 - Chris McKenna (Centre)
4 - Paul Franze (Centre)
5 - Paul Mellor (Winger)
6 - Matthew Johns (Five Eight)
7 - Brett Kimmorley (Half Back)
8 - Jason Stevens (Prop)
9 - Pat Gibson (Hooker)
10 - Chris Beattie (Prop)
11 - Matt Bickerstaff (Second Row)
12 - Paul Gallen (Second Row)
13 - Nick Graham (Lock)


14 - Danny Nutley
15 - Dean Bosnich
16 - Brett Sargent
17 - Dean Treister

source -

If the NRL is serious about cleaning up its tawdry image and enticing families back to the game, then they need to treat these kind of matters more seriously.

The meatheads on the Footy Show don't help to clean up the tawdry image. They--Sam Newman--- reinforce it

The police investigated this and found there was "insufficient evidence to proceed to trial". Not no case to answer. In sufficient evidence. And as it took her 5 days to go to the police, that is why. She also only knew the name of ONE man in the room, and that was Matthew Johns.

His wife is a pathetic excuse for a woman. How can any woman stand by a man that admits treating another woman as nothing better than an animal? Lets see how she stands by him when the money stops cause his career is shot.

The girl in question has PTSD, is on a disability pension and has not worked since the night of the incident. Because of the incident. She is speaking up now because of intensive counselling over the past 2 years, and because 4 Corners called her, not the other way around.

Wake up people. Footy players are misogynist meat-heads who think they are bullet proof. How many more women need to be raped and degraded before we realise that its them. They're guilty, and for years society has sat by and let it happen.

It is just horrible the way this has played out. 7 YEARS LATER... At 19 some women are happily married with children, she was old enough to be responsible for where she was.
Both parties were wrong ? yet why is only one family being dragged through the mud now. Boys will be boys when girls are not ladies. This was not rape. Yet is being treated like that.
This same act could be going on in many places as we speak, why because it involves sports people does it make headlines, why does that all of a sudden make it every body's buisiness to disgrace Andrew Johns and his family, This is digging up the dirt in its truest form. Id imagine Johns has already suffered silently with guilt just like her over that 7 years too.
Two wrongs don't make a right, and if she was so hurt why does she want so many others to suffer too. ? What does this prove and what does that change or do to help anyone. Andrew Johns and your family my heart goes out to you . If this makes more girls think twice about wanting to hang out with married men who play football then YAY. Groupies in music , so what the girls chase it !! oh but in sport it must be the mans fault, !!! This is tall poppy syndrome again. Attack the people we want to read about it the papers,,,, Who'd care if this was done with some guys down her street .. REALLY ? Media ? I doubt it.....
It is sex at the end of the day and really no ones business but those who chose to be there at the time. This girl was discreet enough to be there in the first place so why isn't she mature enough 7 years later to deal with this discreetly now if it helps her to move on. ? Media savaging Johns become trashier by the minute, there is people in this world starving with no drinking water, and this makes headlines, disgraces a good family and looses them there bread and butter, thats the real disgrace here.

ladies dont put your selves in risky positions, prevention is better than cure, if cant live with it dont take yourself through it. sad

Having watched A Current Affair tonight, I feel compelled to express a few points:-
My estimation of Ms Grimshaw has plumited. She was openly agressive and allowed her own personal views to dominate and adversely affect the interview. In a word, unprofessional.
From the information we have to-date, there was no legal wrong committed.
The "victim" was at the least a willing participant, if not an instigator.
The incident was unsavoury and morally unacceptable (to the majority).
Matt Johns biggest "crime" was against his wife. He ahd his wife are dealing with this and it really is no one else's business (my opinion)
The punishment being dealt to Matt Johns and his wife is completely out of proportion to the incident that took place
I have no doubh that the girl in question has suffered tremendously since the incident but she also has to take responsibility for her actions
Questions I feel need answering are. Did Four Corners source the "victim" or did the "victim" source Four Corners? Was there any fee paid for the interview? As there is no legal case to answer, why is it that one individual can humiliate another individual whilst she herself is allowed to remain faceless?
To summarise, I agree that Matt Johns be stood down from his position at Channel 9 for the time being only....People lets keep everything in perspective here....

there is a difference between the law and ethics. There may not have been enough evidence for the police to prosecute but that the behaviour of the Cronulla Sharks could still be ethically wrong

first of all, what's so immoral about group sex provided it's consensual?
Secondly, it appears the woman involved would have known what she was getting into. Even back then all the education and rape victim support services were available. Had she truly been raped, I'm sure she would have made a claim to that effect.

We must not put up with the way footballers treat women ?? So is it only footballers/ footy show who are rude, sexist , have group sex ,,,,,, for goodness sakes there is a world outside of football. Borat, benny hill, for years humor has been at womens expense .. and there is plenty of ribbing the other way .... .women in advertising half naked to sell more drinks and turn men on ,,,make men fall at their feet , porno .....oh but thats all fine,,, we can all watch that in our lounge rooms ....
It is the media and the public putting these guys on pedastools in the first place , go into any suburban pub, or club and you will find the same set of guys behaving the same way. The public eye is where we choose to see it you eyes there are men and women like this everywhere. Oh and it is OK ? when politicians to go to strip clubs, just cause they pay to watch ? and those who blame the monika lewinkis of the world, and then try denying it .......WORSE !! Johns demeaned this women, ? shoe on other foot..... she demeaned the rugby club and the johns family for going to the hotel room in the first place,,, how many other women made that choice that night ??
This is purely about adults making choices on where they want to be and with whom. Big Deal. There is actually no law on that, only personal opinion, on her story 7 years later..So some people glory in tearing down sport because it hurts these women who make choices,,,We could say the poor johns family or Rugby club because this girl CHOOSE to go to a hotel with several rugby players,,,,Id be depressed too if I had nothing better to do, or even if I simply new no better. It is not just dumb footballers here,it is also about dumb women . This is about dumb alcohol and to much of it. Yet there is little focus in the media on the damage of alcohol,,,,
and why with out it this most likely would not have even happened.
Focus on the problem and all will get a better outcome, and better role models for our children no matter what line of work those role models.
Chanel Nine shame on you ,for sacking the Johns " family and kids " I hope she looses her job too .

This is a disgrace. The facts:

1. The woman consented to being with Matt and another player (consenting to group sex)
2. She was a legal adult
3. She did nothing to stop the incident at the time

As far as group sex goes, the majority might despise it, but there are many who get off on it. Who are we to judge, and how is a drunk male meant to judge the kind of person he's picked up also? It sounds to me like many of you would outlaw or ban people from having group sex? Just as well the country isn't run by you lot, it's run by people who respect freedom.

The lady involved is an adult. The only thing that makes this incident unfortunate is the fact that she's suffered since then. If she maybe didn't live in such a repressed world that people with this view that 'group sex is evil' and anyone participating in it is also evil, she probably wouldn't have any issues.

If you believe she is a victim, you are banishing all those adults that would have group sex and enjoy it to lose their freedom, since people would be so afraid of public opinion they would be too scared to follow through with it. This is an infringement on peoples freedom.

Not to mention the fact that she was an adult, who's fault it then that she wasn't equipped to make the many decisions that could have saved her the trauma? Is it her fault for being drunk? That's her right to be. Is it her parents fault for not educating her appropriately on the world? Can you blame them? Or is it the governments fault for not having a legal age of consent to group sex which is higher than the standard age?

Whatever you decide, it's hardly Matthew John's fault. Any other girl would have:

1. Told him to bugger off
2. Been stong and self assured enough to not have it affect her if she wanted to go through with it

Either way, problem solved.

It's unfortunate for her it's played out the way it has. Her issues are psycological. Matthew Johns is being scapegoated.

I must admit Karen could have some good points that could swing an ethical balance. The issue might swing on whether the girl had PTSD before the event.
The condition after but not before could be suggestive of what happened involving this event.

In light of what has transpired with Matthew Johns I somehow feel that the woman at the centre of the whole story has escaped the media and public backlash she deserves as well.In claiming she was only being 19 yrs of age she still gave consent to go back to the motel room with 2 other players knowing full well she was placing herself in an awkward situation.The point of contention for me is weather there was 2 or 6 team members she still had the choice of walking away from the situation but she chose not to.I do not condone these actions from any indivual but the fact is we live in communities and societies that allow the very same incidents to take place at parties and other gatherings
of youth today.The woman at the centre of the story should have her photo and media hounding her as has Matthew Johns because from the very premis of this whole story she agreed to go along with things from the start weather originally there was 2 or 6 players finally taking part -the decision was hers to stay and on that basis she should be scourned just as much and put in the public eye for those very same reasons as Matthew Johns has had to face in the last few days.

Dougie Aldred(NZ)

Funny that this post got more comments than the budget one.
And from new commenters too. Perhaps we should all watch A Currant Affair every night so we can learn whats really going on.

"Clare", the woman involved, claims that she went back to a hotel with Johns and another footballer, but other players climbed into the room through a bathroom window and watched her have sex. Doesn't sound like she consented to that.

Channel Nine disagrees with you. Gyngell says:

"The fact is, whatever the arguments about the details of the New Zealand incident involving Cronulla players in 2002, the conduct and its aftermath was simply unacceptable, full stop."

Unacceptable means morally wrong not illegal.

The NZ police under the advise of the Australian PM need to open the file and prosecute these people so the others will learn. Stars of no sport can commit rape and get away scotss free. Innocent people are suffering, and the one man one woman relationship built by God is under threat.

John in his first apology---on The Footy Show with co-host Paul "Fatty" Vautin---showed little remorse for Clare's suffering --his apology is all about himself and his family:

For me personally, it has put my family through enormous anguish and embarrassment … For that I can't say sorry enough.

No mention of "Clare" there. He can be judged for that ethical failure or acknowledge any wrongdoing.

Johns continued this line last night on A Current Affair admitting that Clare was hurt but not that she was abused in any way. Nor did he acknowledge the power imbalance in the room that night.

It's a complicated problem and as the comments show, it involves some strong feelings and loyalties that are hard to put aside.

Whether you think Johns is being treated unfairly or not, fact is, league players keep getting themselves into trouble, ruining their own careers, and 'bringing the game into disrepute' as they say.

The league and clubs say they're doing what they can to educate players, which is more about damage control for the game than preventing harm to other people.

They like to promote it as a family thing, a good healthy activity, a community-building excercise and a general good, but that's a struggle when you also have problems like this, which keep coming up.

It's one thing to have strong feelings about Johns, whether he did or didn't, whether he's good or evil, whether he should be sacked or not. The game is not Johns and Johns is not the game. Anyone who genuinely cared about the game would have to be concerned that things like this, and other alcohol, drug and violence issues, keep surfacing.

Nan raised the point that if a bunch of bikies had done the same thing there'd be hell to pay. We associate bikies with all sorts of bad things. Are league fans happy to have players thought of as outlaws? Because there are plainly a lot of people who already see them that way.

i don't really feel sorry for Clare as she put herself in that situation. If at any time she felt uncomfortable then she should have left. Did she even try? If she did and they wouldnt let her go then thats a different story but it doesnt even seem like she tried. I think she just regrets her decision now and feels like a whore, now she comes out and puts all the blame on the footy players to take the shame and guilt of herself. She shouldn't have gone back to the room in the first place. She must have intended to have sex with 2 men that night or was she that naive that she thought they just wanted her good company? That goes to show what type of person she is.
Matthew Johns shouldn't have cheated on his wife and I do think all the other players are pigs for just coming into the room like a bunch of dogs but Clare still was a consensual participant.
And as for all the NRl footy players that are involved in any sort of alcohol fuelled scandal wether it be sex of brawling , they should just be sacked immediatley and banned from playing footy for life! Send out a strong message that it won't be tolerated. They all need to grow up!

So I've had a chick I know sitting on my couch at 1am after a night at the pub saying "somebody F#*k me - I'm not going home until somebody F#*ks me!" and somebody did...not on my couch, but there were more than one of them too...I'm soooo sick of these stupid little whores getting themselves into these situations & then whinging about it. We used to see the Raiders out in Canberra frequently, and trust me, they were disgustingly behaved, we siply avoided them - we CERTAINLY did not go home with them, and if we had - we would know very well we were 'going home with a football team'. And if we had done that, we wouldn't have decided 7 years later that what seemed a good idea at the time actually wasn't, nor would we go out of our way to DESTROY a blokes career simply cos we're embarassed. What a slut. And I am a female thankyou. I'm sick to death of all this bullshit & will be botcotting channel 9 & the Storm (not hard...) AND I'm almost keen to boycott the whole of New Zealand - but I know there are silly, dumb little girlies doing the same thing here.

Chanel 9 , has chosen to stand by a faceless woman who choose to be there in 2002. Chanel 9 has chosen to allow a loyal employ and his family suffer dreadful public humiliation , because a girl Who "MORALY " had the right to be else where that night, who Ethically has the right to say NO at any point in her life did not. If this woman has received or accepted one cent from this in anyway... this would show what she is after NOW, which would make it no better than what she did back then.
Chanel 9 has opened the door for high profile people to be dragged through the mud for anything they did "morally or ethically " wrong in the past. That may have caused another person depression. WOW.......

Is it safe to assume Clare came forward after 7 years? Or did Four Corners track her down after 7 years? She did keep saying she tries not to think about it.

I would think it's more likely that reporters contacted NZ police and found her through them. The cop they interviewed said he'd stayed in touch with her.

Also, if it was money she was after, she should have gone to one of the stations known for cheque book journalism. One of Nine's rivals.

Did any of these people reporting , for one minute consider the suffering this may cause not only Andrew Johns, but his wife, or even worse their CHILDREN IF this is about suffering for 7 years with depression, did any one consider this family's and children's future in regards to suffering , or humiliation? When Newspapers and TV journalists allowed this to become such a " public ( NON CURRENT ) Affair "
Where tell me is the moral or ethical justice in those actions. ...?

the football tragics are stretching the notion of consent and making it very elastic. It is stretched from consensual sex with Johns to the gang of footballers who came in through the bathroom window.

Oh Gary,

you have really stirred up a hornets nest.

The Neanderthals have climbed out of the swamp!!

How did they find your site?!!

The NRL does have an entrenched culture of disrespecting women as you point out. So it is more than:

stupid little whores getting themselves into these situations & then whinging about it.

The Johns event certainly makes the NFL look bad.

She agreed to have sex with him End OF story.
why sack him for doing hat millions of australians do every day... (HAVE SEX)...
Look he was married and he should not have done it but he did and now channel 9 has sacked him...
Leave johns alone for goodness sake he has been through enough..
Im Interested in just ho much $$$ this NZ lady earnt telling her story, she certainly would not have given the story away for free.

Have a look at Part One the Tracey Grimeshaw interview with Mathew Johns and his wife on A Current Affair The situation is more complex than you are making out. Johns apologises for the pain and hurt he has caused Clare. He is also tormented by guilt. An apology and guilt suggests that he has done something wrong.

Even Trish, Mathew Johns' wife, wouldn't want her daughter to be "Clare" in that situation. It is the situation as well as her husbands infidelity that shocks her.

Firstly I would like to say that I thought the Interview that Matthew Johns did with Tracey Grimshaw was the worst thing he could have done. Regardless of his admissions to wife about the incident he should never have put his wife through this publically, I think he should have stepped away quietly to go through the motions with his family on their own. The public will forget this situation in a couple of weeks but his family has to live with it for the rest of their lives.
Secondly, I think its the age all story on how you educate your children to do the right things. We need to bring home to our kids that we should treat each other and ourselves with respect and to also teach them to know their own mind so they don't become followers. I know I might sound naive but they are my thoughts and in this day and age you can only have hope.

Why has this girl only just suffered from the ordeal - why wasn't she suffering, 2, 3 4 years ago? Why now?
I also think the other players should be named.

Let me add Gary, that your calm demeanour in responding in the face of such vitriol from these people is highly commended.

Matthew Johns made a mistake 7 years ago he told his wife then. this woman has had 7 years to build and exagerate in her mind.why has this dirtbag of a reporter gone fishing for bad stuff on Matthew Johns, he has probably been payed well for his scoop, let Matthew get on with his life and dont bring up the past, look ahead he is an honest man and learnt from a mistake that she obviously doesnt see. Look ahead mathew

the great post was by Lyn not me. I do not know where the comment stream is coming from. ie., who linked to Lyn's post. I used to have software that gave me that information but no more. Maybe some of the commentators can tell us.

The strategy of the rugby league community is to try to shift blame for the event from the players to the women. You can see that in many of the comments here. You would have to say that the strategy isn't really working since Charmyne Palav, who loves having sex with NRL footballers and has become a celebrity from it, has lifted the lid on the league culture.

She says that they invite starry-eyed young things into their hotel rooms, and leave the door open so others can come in and watch them having sex, and maybe join in. They slap the faces of their conquests with their erect penises, and often don't even speak to them.

The public judgement that is forming is saying that something clearly wrong with the culture at the NRL that allows young men to think it's OK to treat women this way.

Mathew and Trish Johns consented to be interviewed by Tracy Grimshaw on A Current Affair.

Group sex abhorrent.
Cheating on your wife abhorrent.
Tracey Grimshaw's interview abhorrent.
Clare didn't say "stop", "don't" or "scream". She was morally wrong as was Matthew Johns.
The ABC is funded by the taxpayer they are not above paying for a story. Maybe the Parliament should be asking them how this story came to them. Did they misuse public funds for this one sided story?
I don't watch the Footy Show because it's infantile. I won't be watching ACA again. Tracey Grimshaw should be asking Clare some hard questions - WHY didn't she say no?
The NRL cannot, no matter how much it wants to think it can, control it's players behaviour. Rugby league is a great game but when it's players become famous they become targets. My son plays NRL and I am proud he does, he will continue to do so for as long as he can. My job as his mother is to make sure he has the moral principles not to treat women badly. Just as it is my job to make sure my daughter has the morals to refuse group sex and the strength to say "no".

Google? I just Googled Matthew Johns and the blog is on the first page of results. That'll teach me to think more carefully about titles.

I was interested in how we make use of symbolic figures and find the comments interesting from that angle. Celebrity theory appears to be holding up very well.

Since when has Rugby League had anything specific to do with the abuse of women. To assume that this is not a serious issue amongst many men, and mostly young men, of sporting persuasion or not is a farce. I am completely frustrated with the single minded and brainless 'picking' that the media chooses to perpetrate on one code of football. I have played many types of sport (including 3 footy) and the reality is I have never been involved in the long list of apparent crimes that presumably I should have perpetrated. I have however been aware that some men as a result of their upbringing and/or pack mentality/coersion behave arrogantly, selfishly and stupidly. This behavior is more about lack of development in empathy and delayed physical mental development and the said tribe social retardation. This is not about football this is about young men who presume a world around them without risk boundaries or social concerns outside of their pack. As for the ever growing pious righteousness in this great country lets drop it for thinking more deeply about how our behaviour encourages the people around us to consider when they may be behaving like 'pigs' (no slight on the 4 legged type).

What utter bullshit!
The judgments being made against Matthew Johns & his silent mates for that matter are shear hypocrisy
All parties consented & all maybe regret theirs decisions; but they made them & that is it
If we are going to crucify decent people for past sexual pleasures then you had better build some bloody big dole queues
All that happened is that Matthew cheated on his wife
He was not the only one on that night, is not the first to do so & won’t be the last
Morality is easy when you are the judge, hey!
At this very moment there would be 1,000’s of orgies or group sex, whatever you want to call it, going on this moment. Who are we to judge the participants & why should we judge one sex in deference to the other
Consent is consent. Regret is “stiff cheese” we all live with our decisions! We all would like to change things, but where is this all going to end?
Give Matthew his job back & let him rebuild his beautiful family in peace!!


Yes he apologised and said he did the wrong thing, why wouldnt that have been enough for everybody had that been behind closed doors also just like the very incident....What is wrong here is that the media want to sensationalize the story and make ONLY Johns look in the wrong. This is all very one sided, and of course Trish wouldn't want her daughter in that situation, what mother would... This girl at the end of the day whether mothers or fathers or any one likes it put HERSELF THERE. My clear point here is that Johns and rugby in general are taking the rap for a woman who got HER SELF into this mess, and then decided LATER she could not handle it.
Clear and simply TWO wrongs do not make a right . Like I said if this guy was not a public figure it would not have even gone to air, so tell me who is morally wrong here.

The networks for USING a public figure ? This is all about money , for the girl, for the networks, for the newspapers, all at the expense of a family who felt they had no choice but to be honest , and felt they had to prove their hurt too which is clearly evident in the article. It only tells me this girl who has come out 7 year later , is the one seeking attention, be it with a heap of rugby players 7 years ago or on TV now. What there is here is rules for some human beings depending on what line of work they choose to do. What happens behind a closed door that it not ILLEGAL is really know one elses business. When the media really care about the abuse of women these time slots will air, child prostitution rackets,pedophiles, and sexual slavery.

Until then going on about footballers or any other men disrespecting women is only a question on why women don't respect them selves enough in the first place to end up in hotel rooms with more than one guys to start with, let alone a married man coming through town with a football team. Oh please.... Get to the real issues, find the real assholes in this world and women wise up.... if you have the freedom to be respected by men, then do it. Dont come crying back if you do not know how to earn it.

yep its all about sex, alcohol and celebrity culture as Charmyne Palav points out. Presumably, the NFL is going to have to start naming some of the other players involved, if it is to retain its credibility as healthy family friendly entertainment.

I think this is a shocking example of the press looking for a story to grab ratings by ruining a mans life. The sex was consentual, and as his wife said, "the only person who should be judging him is her, for being unfaithful." If this was a case of rape it would be different but it is a case of a group of young blokes, a long time ago, being offered something free on a plate and accepting it with poor judgement. I suspect that the media reporting this have probably all made sexual mistakes that would cause a bit of a stir going by the precendence set, if they were to come to light. I hope you all are going to pass the hat around for Matty John's family after you have destroyed them with incredibly over sensationalised and very old news.

Usual debate people like gary will see it one way and can never accept another persons point of view
I personally find anyone watching me having sex disturbing but I know many guys who don't play any kind of sport who for some reason love it
For me each to his own I live in asia and girls are quite keen to have sex I say no as I know my wife will be annoyed and the girls are angling for money sorry I will never agree that matt johns has done anything wrong ethically morally or otherwise
Gary and co this was not an attack on you so don't say its further vitrol please

No woman would consent to sexual activity with 10 or so men on the one night unless she was a professional whore and being paid. To say that it was consensual is ridiculous. So what if she was 19 or 40 or pissed or sober? What they did was wrong. A message to respect women needs to be sent to all males. I applaud channel 9 for dumping him.

you are pretty much on your own here re your comment that "I will never agree that matt johns has done anything wrong ethically morally or otherwise". Mathew Johns in the A Current Affair interview says that he has done something wrong --both to his wife and to Clare. The calls into Channel Nine after the Tracy Grimshaw interview went strongly against Johns.

True, Johns does continue to have a strong base of supporters--as you can see in this comment thread. They are in the minority though.

I don't agree with group sex, and find it morally wrong on the part of all participants. As a female I find that what the girl did, by going back to the room with the footballers was wrong in the first place. At no stage has she stated that she said no or fought them off. I have no doubts that she has issues as a result of participating in group sex but it was not rape. If you don't want to go you don't go. Common sense really. Also women are more than willing to make the decision to go to bed with footballers but are unwilling to take responsibility for their choices. The issues in relation to league are prevalent in society itself, so bashing rugby league players for behaving the way that people in society behave is hypocritical.


I might have misunderstood this, but it seems to me you're saying that the woman should have understood the risk she was taking. That if a woman's going to go off somewhere with a pair of footballers she has herself to blame if things get out of hand. Women should be realistic about these things and not put themselves in harm's way in the first place. Is that right?

If so, then isn't it also true that if footballers are going to go off somewhere with a strange woman they should expect the worst. They need to wise up and realise there are risks, and serious consequences if things get out of hand.

Whether they're married or single or celebrities or beginners, footballers need to understand that sex with strangers is a risky business. If they want to take that risk, fine, but they have only themselves to blame if it all goes badly for them.

I do not agree with matt getting sacked at all he should have been placed on leave until this saga died down, once again as everyone has already said why now after 7 years and why did she only name him. I am wondering if she was paid for any interviews or confessions but the bottom line is she consented, probably good at the time but didnt want to be exposed as a hussey (i want to say the s word but will refrain)


I was thinking about people identifying so closely with celebs that they develop unreciprocated personal attachments. They develop feelings for the image. There's a fair bit of that going on.

Charmyne's a star frocker, which is a different category. That side of it is all a bit Freudian for me. Self-worth, personal value by association, personal validation, that kind of thing. She obviously doesn't look at a footballer and see the fab guy image on the telly.

From the looks of things this was consentual. If you go up to a room with two men to have sex, isn't the burden of responsibility on you to at least tell them to stop...especially if other random people show up?? The woman is obviously traumatised by what has happened, and probably quite guilty, knowing that she shouldn't have gone through with it. I'm not against group sex...but it's obviously something you should consider very carefully before doing or you will have regrets. What has happened here is a lesson for all of us...we need to be so careful, especially when under the influence of alcohol (or other drugs), it is so easy to make a decision which will later haunt us.

I really feel for Matthew Johns. I don't like football but he is being crucified because of some stupid actions that he did 7 years ago. Why is his name the only one to come out of this? Haven't any of the other footballers got enough guts to stand up and be counted. I really admire Matthew's wife for standing by her man.

What about Shane Warne and his sex scandal - he is still admired and loved by millions and is still working. How about Keith Miller who was lauded on Australian Story just a few weeks ago, he carried on for the whole time of his marriage and he is still loved as a great cricketer. How about Wayne Carey, Ben Cousens, Wendel Sailor, the list goes on. If this woman is so embarrassed and humiliated by Matthew and the other players why did she use the media, why didn't she make advances through his agent to have a private meeting so that he could explain and tell her he was sorry for all the hurt and embarrassment he caused. And Tracey Grimshaw asking him if he thought about her, what man in his right mind who is being offered sex would think about what her age was and whether she was going to regret it in years to come.

What is even more annoying is that Channel 9 did a knee jerk reaction instead of supporting one of their employees. Matthew has never been charged with any offence, it has taken 7 years to surface, he regrets it and doesn't Channel 9 remember the old saying "any publicity is better than no publicity" Many people will turn off the Footy Show now - he had natural pizzaz and a great sense of humour. I don't condone his actions but the media frenzy is just too over the top.

I wish him and his wife and young family all the very best. Maybe a great country town would be the place to be - he could maybe find the next great footballer - who obviously would have to wear a tutu.

what is left unsaid in the commentary is the heavy homoerotic atmosphere of the consensual group sex and non consensual gang bangs. The naked footballers in the room are masturbating in front of one another whilst waiting their turn to have sex with the woman. They then film these events and show these to others.

The Freudian (unconscious) bit is that these homoerotic desires are not being admitted to by the footy culture ----this just talks about male bonding through degrading women.

we do need to make a distinction between 'group sex' and 'sexual assault'. Sexual assault is more than group sex, whilst group sex is not automatically sexual assault. There is a difference--- often denied by some in the NFL --and it depends on power, coercion and the extent to which the women involved are treated like dirt.

It is the sexual assault of the woman that is the problem not the group sex. There is a culture inside rugby league that condones or encourages the assault or harassment of women.That's the public issue.

Matthew Johns cheated on his wife and lost his job. His brother ,Andrew, was caught using illegal drugs and got made half back of the century,justice?

I'd be interested to know how many of those who have trashed "Clare" for going back to the room with two men have ever been in a position of non-consensual sex. Firstly, agreeing to sex with two men is NOT agreeing to sex with 12 or however many it was. In that case it IS rape, and the first two are guilty by association. Secondly, do you seriously think any of them would tell you if she said "no"? It would just confirm the fact that it was non-consensual.

I was gang-raped more than 30 years ago by 5 so-called "friends". I only got counselling for it 10 years ago. I live with it every day. I said "no". It made no difference.

It never leaves you. "Clare" will have spent the last 7 years dealing with it - and undoubtedly trying to forget it. I wish I had had the courage to name my tormentors. Maybe I could have dealt with it a long time ago.

Thank goodness that we live in a society that has courts and legal proceedings where people making accusations sit in an open court and face judges and a jury so that they may be viewed while making these accusations and cross examined so that inconsistencies if they exist can be openly noticed and questioned.
Thank goodness we live in a society that has department of public prosecutions and Police that listen to peoples accusations when they make complaints,question them face to face and then make decisions as to the likelihood of a conviction based on the weight of evidence.

Otherwise we would live in a society where the media orchestrate the lynch mob.


Annabel Crabb has pointed that out.

"Those girls are being used all right, but I reckon they're being used as beards to disguise the otherwise perfectly obvious, screaming queerness of what's going on.

Come on. Are you kidding?

Let's say it out loud: it's the gayest thing ever.

And these are the same blokes who can't wait to climb into dresses for stunts on The Footy Show. Don't think we're not putting two and two together."

In 2002 when the police IN NZ investigated this rape,our assistant commissioner of police was yet to go up on his own gang rape charges,one women says she was raped,12 footy players say it was consensual.Yeah Right.These men are animals.Name and shame the others in that room that night.If it was consensual,then why are the other worried and not naming themselves.Because they are rapist.Full stop

It’s not Matt Johns who should be lynched. It’s Catherine Lumby.

Associate Professor Catherine Lumby is the official sexual ethics consultant to the NRL. On ABC Radio's on 6 March, 2004, she preached her gospel of consent:

CATHERINE LUMBY: I think that there's no problem with any behaviour which is consensual in sexual terms, many people would disagree with me. But if we're talking about rock stars having sex with a range of women they're not married to, people do not, generally speaking, think that's outrageous.

Lumby's mistake was making the ethical framework to be all about "consent." But Matt Johns acted with consent. The New Zealand teenage acted with consent. They believed the Gospel of Consent and they are both, today, deeply damaged people.

The only framework that works is personhood. The woman in the hotel is not a body who didn't say no. She's someone's daughter, girlfriend or sister.

I don’t blame John’s so much. I blame Lumby. She’s given the guidelines to follow. And they lead to destroyed lives. Lumby should be fired. Not Johns.

What a beat up! Why would a girl go into a room like that in the first place? Was she expecting sex? No questions were asked in the interview which makes it totally bias.

Am surprised the lass hasn't received a little more sympathy in certain quarters.
My initial reaction was similar to many here- there are sub issues, subplots and complexity all over the place. But I think Lyns and Garys sobering responses are well worth serious consideration. Whichever way you spin it out as toapportionment of blame, not nice for Clare and something Matthew Johns and his mates may have cause to regret later in life, looking back shamefacedly.

My husband and I are incensed at the 'trial by media' of Matthew Johns. The Tracey Grimshaw interview was appalling - Grimshaw intimated strongly that Johns et al forced themselves on this NZ woman, and that they were soley at fault on a poor unsuspecting young woman. I understand that she did NOT go kicking and screaming, dragged by her hair to be raped, she went WILLINGLY, INVITING players to participate and at NO time gave any indication that she was being coerced or forced in the act/s. Keep in mind that the NZ police did 80 interviews and have said : we will NOT be re-opening this case, this is a trial by media and a moral issue. John's has been vilified, his career ruined, his marriage in jeopardy all by a woman who took five days to go to police, who bragged as per the interview with her work mate to her work mates about the incident, and now seven years later, can only remember one of the participants names and claims this incident has ruined her life. Seven years have passed. John's has being hung out to dry ... and yet at no time has anyone other than the work mate interview tonight laid ANY blame on the woman. Where are the reporters investigating HER past? Why is her picture not shown publicly? Why are HER morals not questioned? HER motives? Is this because she was a 19 year old woman and her story is believed even when the NZ Police investigated fully the facts of the incident and DID NOT press any charges as there was no case to answer? Why has Channel 9 who employs John's allowed this trial by media to happen, remember he has been stood down, not sacked and has not terminated his employment. Where is the support shown by his employers and the NRL?

Despicable journalism.

We feel for him, his family and admire the ongoing support his wife has shown over this incident. Unforgivable as this incident is being portrayed as 'his' shame, and the shame of the unnamed other participants when we see the shame being that this 19 year old woman did not have the morals....Why is it that this woman takes no responsibility for HER actions....why does she have to blame someone else? Any why after seven years?

We have two daughters that were 19 once and they have the morals and respect in themselves to never have allowed an incident like this to happen......

We are avid Channel 9 viewers, but this matter and the way Channel 9 have managed it leaves us with a very sour taste in our mouths...AND believe that it should not be a 'win the ratings' race and ruin someone's life!

Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

I wonder if anyone of "the boys" was performing a "that's gold!" gesture during the transgression?

I have no sympathy for either party in this case, I just hope the "victim" doesn't get a New Idea article and/or a book deal

we love you matty keep your chin up champ

It's such a shame that Maxine McKew was bleating about women needing to be respected by men! What about these chicks wake up and smell the sweat and choose to respect themselves! No-one told her to head off for a quickie with a footy player - surely the 'respect' button in her head if active would have pressed the delete button in answer to that question. Women need to take responsibility for their own actions instead of being spineless bimbos in need of seeking retribution for their own mistakes - Matty Johns - trial by media - a very unorthodox and unscrupulous jury, he needs to request a retrial with all of the facts to be publicised, especially the woman involved's financial details (current) along with her name - money is a very motivating tool to cry crime!

I feel for Matthew Johns, dont we all make mistakes. He has made one of the biggest mistakes of his life, yet he has been honest with his wife from the beginning. They have already dealt with this issue and have come to terms with it in their own way. It is not fair for the media to rehash an old indescretion for the sake of ratings and sacrifice a well known, much adored identity.
Whatever may or may not have happened seven years ago surely should have been finalised legally and/or publicly back then.
I feel that this is no more than a character assasination. Channel nine, I hope, will have the courage to stand by a great man and re-instate him.
I truly wish Matthew Johns and his family all the best for his future endeavours and pledge my unwavering support for him.

Jacquelin Magnay's reports on the front cover of the Sydney Morning Herald have been disgraceful.

You have to wonder about the Racecourse Hotels' management failure to protect their young staff. The person was inexperience and clueless - she took five days to report the matter to the Police.

Magnay's report is all about objectification: "that woman", "her hurt". The fact is she was tortured, and as a result experienced post traumatic shock syndrome.

Since there can be no consent to torture, this case should be reopened.

Matthew Johns is also clueless. He had a responsibility to stop what was happening. Apparently, he as with his team mates, has not a clue about consent.

Tracy & Bob Wales
the story told by "Clare" - is one of going to a room with two men, only to find the two became 12 league players and staff, and she had sex with six of them - is all too familiar in the NFL.

An absence of criminal charges does not mean something unethical did not happen.It may not have been criminal sexual assault, but there is no doubt what happened in that Christchurch hotel room was utterly unethical.

MB Andrews
Karin Willis in the Sydney Morning Herald says re consent:

A person must freely and voluntarily give their consent before sex. They must be able to give consent. They cannot be drugged or drunk. Consenting to a kiss does not mean consent to intercourse, and consenting to have sex with two men is not consent to have sex with 12.

It is persons who give consent.

Mathew you make think your world is falling apart right now , take pride in the fact that your fans are aware of your mistake but continue to support you as we have for many years. There is an old saying people in glass houses ..... you know the rest ! be true to your family and their support will guide you.The truth about this women is already being told , hang in there matt

"Hang in there Matt".... "your fans... support you". Oh dear how sad never mind.

The parents responding to this blog who have trashed "Clare" and the female fans who have declared undying loyalty to Johns are the most tragic. I truly hope no-one they are ever connected with is ever involved in non-consensual sex. They obviously wouldn't give a damn. But then, maybe it would be different if the perpetrator wasn't a footy star. Seems to give them the right to do anything.

What a sad indictment on society.

So now her work college, has come out and said she bragged about having sex with a few footballers.......
All those defending this women, all those dragging the R.L , and this whole family , wives and kids through the mud, this comment would have to make you think again.
It is a sad world when maybe men in public profiles would be safer getting women to sign consent forms before they have sex. Sadly this will happen again and again. It is a fact some women will go to long lengths to get high profile men into bed. The RL, have a lot of work to protect their players from that culture of women out there. I hope it is the men now that will say NO, since some women don't have the strength to do so. Or take 7 years to do so, a little late dont you think.

liza, the women who defend women who want to have sex with footballers or any one they just meet are tragic, I guess you also support or the mistresses of married men out there too. This girl was an adult, it was said she asked for sex, it is said by someone that "works with her " she bragged about it. I do not agree with the abuse of women at all, how ever this is a , he said .... she said story. Beaten up by the media, johns has apologized for any hurt caused, her ad his family. I wonder if this girl has apologised for her part, having sex with another women's husband ? For not caring wether the man was married or had a family in the first place. Both sides are wrong in this , why cant you see that Liza. ? If this women is so squeaky clean and none of this was her fault then what was she doing there or even wanting to have sex with two footballers in the first place. ? You say those women who are loyal to Johns are tragic, well what are the women who want to sleep with two footy stars, when ones married ? No it doesn't give you the right to do anything if you are a footy star, it just means that if you are not you would not come under such a magnifying glass. if this women felt so much pain, why is she willing to inflict so much more . If this women wants to be respected and dignified then this all could have been settled behind closed doors.



dont it all seem a bit suss how it took 7 years for all this to come out and matt johns was the main man.i think this is just another money grabbing scheme by both the media and the girl ,she seemed happy enough to brag about it when it happenened and the police layed no charges,leave the bloke alone........

Imagine being impugned by serial airhead Luvvie Catharine Lumby for being “unethical”

She fumes in today’s Oz. “Nobody should walk away from a sexual encounter feeling blamed, or shamed, or hurt,” Lumby said. “It was completely wrong, morally wrong, and unethical.”,,25490825-2702,00.html

What is wrong with this country that such mediocrities are so often deferred to? Why is this incoherent bimbo feminazi constantly trotted as a reputable commentator, judge, and jury? How the fuck is she a Professor!!??

Matty Johns should sue the boiler suit off the dopey bint.

Saying yes to one act, or one partner, does not imply consent for more acts, for more partners.

just because somebody is looking to be with an elite sportsman … doesn't mean that they deserve to be assaulted or to have consent assumed in circumstances that they otherwise would not consent to."

Group sex is indulged in by all sorts of folks, especially under the age of forty. It is rife among teenagers. As it should be. There are thousands of Australian chicks who have had more pricks than a pin cushion - and even more blokes - many of them at the same time. Get with it, dude. Doris Day is dead, but the footy moll lives on.

Sex education!!?? FFS, these are grown men. Who the hell is some Cultistudies airhead like Catherine Lumby to give lectures to blokes on who to root!?

Sluts,town-bikes, and good-time girls have existed since the dawn of time. They are to rugby league players what fat-bottom girls are to the rockin’ world. And god luv, ‘em. I know tonnes of sluts who’d root Matty Johns and a few of his mates. If I would, they should would.

So, why aren’t Lumby and the feminazis demanding government-funding for “Sluts Anonymous”? And why aren’t these Serial Sluts having THEIR names splashed across the front-pages?

Come on, we all know the type. She flies around the local Leagues club with her legs in the air, waiting for the first gang-bang offer and then some. She gets what she wants. Two years later, some bitter spinster ABC/Smage feminazi finds out and chucks a fit, when really she is just pissed, that she wasn’t selected for said “bun”.

It’s called going to a Leagues Club commando, adorned with not much more than a smile, ankle earrings, and come-fuck-me shoes. Regret/Being Teased Later is not rape.

Oh, and my tell-it-like-it-is attitude has absolutely NOTHING to do with this particular girl, as I was not there, do not know her from Eve, and pass no comment on what actually happened. I am merely educated some of those who still blush when they see photos that reveal Doris Day’s ankles - which she tended NOT to wear as earrings!

That was some spray, Jack!
Being blokey myself I can get some of the drift; mainly the "caveat emptor" as to sports/rock stars, re enthusiasts.
But am curious as to why you brought Lumby into this. Lumby is actually the one flakking for Rugby.
The other issue is "sluts".
For those of the "opposite" willing to volunteer their time and talents to mutual(hopefully) enjoyment in the arts of l'amour, should we not think of a more benevolent description than the one of your employ?
Don't want to spook the punters, now do we?

I will take back my previous comments and criticisms. On this issue we can make two major mistakes: the failure to understand the development of trauma and the social frame, as illustrated by Milgram experiment, that shape can behavior.

What I suggest is that the behaviors are more widespread than Rugby League players, why not reconciliation, in the first instance between "Clare" and Matthew Johns, not forgetting Mrs Johns, so that they can be restored as human beings? I am sure we could all support that process, even if there might need to be some skilled people to facilitate it.

Any young women who goes to a hotel room with a man (footballer or not) knows what will be expected of her so she was no innocent party. The police invested the incident and decided that no crime had been committed.

Matt Johns has been tried by the media. He has been made a scapegoat as he and the girl were not the only ones involved. His team mates have let him down badly. He was man enough to admit the activity to his wife just after it happened. He's proved his an honourable man despite, like most of us, have done things in the past that cause us regret.

A 18 year old soccer player has now been accused of dealings with a 13 year old girl. This young guys picture was in the paper.

No court case. His name and photo in the paper. Trial by media again.

Group sex for the world!!!

Some chicks are just skanky hos.

End of.