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June 19, 2009

Does Costello's bowing out of politics give Malcolm Turnbull some clear air and room to move on climate change and emissions trading, beyond the current Liberal strategy of just saying no, no, no? Or, on other interpretations, just putting off passing the legislation until next year.

Will the Liberals take this opportunity to accept that action is required to ensure that greenhouse gas emissions need to peak within the next six years for the world to give a chance of limiting global warming above pre-industrial levels to about two degrees? Will they go beyond their rhetoric of massive jobs lost and the need for ever more subsidies to Big Carbon.


Costello's presence meant that Turnbull was, or allowed himself, to be trapped by the conservative wing of the Liberal party, which is ideologically opposed to an emissions trading scheme and desires to fight to the death on the issue. Surely the few climate change denialists can be disciplined by the Liberal whips, and The Nationals left to wander off in the wilderness to confront their outrage in the regional mirror. Not even Big Business (including the resource companies behind the green mafia) say they want the Liberal's to reject the legislation twice and so give the Rudd Government the double dissolution trigger.

According to the Climate change: Global risks, challenges & decisions report, recently released at the European Policy Centre in Brussels, Based on the latest scientific evidence presented to a preliminary conference to the main event at Copenhagen it says that recent observations are near the worst-case predictions of the 2007 report by the United Nations' Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. In the case of sea-level rise, the report says that this is happening at an even greater rate than projected - largely due to rising ocean temperatures causing thermal expansion of seawater.

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 1:53 PM | | Comments (2)


Turnbull would be in a worse position to weaken the emissions trading scheme after either a double dissolution election, or a normal election late next year.

His best option is to help Big Carbon squeeze more subsidies and protection from Rudd and Wong now. This is his moment. Rudd and Wong will give ground to Big Carbon ----its what they have done ever since signing Kyoto. All Turnbull has to do is kick a few Liberal heads.

I would have thought the heatwaves over the last two summers would have been quite enough to convince anyone.

And can someone please tell me what the State government is doing to 'heatproof' the state for the summers to come? We need action fast to keep infrastructure going. For example we need 1) work on the train system so the lines can survive a heatwave without buckling 2) heat shelters so that the disadvantaged have a place of refuges instead of baking in their homes 3) work on the electrical grid so it doesn't melt ... etc.