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costello will go « Previous | |Next »
June 15, 2009

The Libs are about to lose their Cossie.

Malcolm will be devastated.

Will Abbott follow? Minchin?

Will Turnbull be able to get some kind of coherent opposing done without Costello and his camp breathing down his neck? Or will Barnaby continue to ensure that disunity and death continue?

Who will replace Costello? Will it be John Roskam, chief of the IPA, the Ponds Institute of climate change sceptics? Whoever it is will end up in parliament. Higgins doesn't do variety.

Costello's not actually leaving until the next election. Will he manage to keep quiet, or are in we for a grand finale series of explosions?

| Posted by Lyn at 5:23 PM | | Comments (9)


One /good/ thing about the possibility of Roskam replacing Costello as my local member: I've read enough of his opinion pieces to know that I won't be voting for him either. (There have been one or two that had some merit, however). Will Roskam become more reasonable as a player rather than cheerleader? Doubt it!

It ain't much better up the other end of Glenferrie Rd either, with the honorable Petro probably being replaced by the execrable Josh.

But, here's a thought... perhaps Pete could follow the lead of the former state member for the same area - and run for Lord Mayor of Melbourne - replacing Dufus Doyle with a better class of comedian.

Thank god. Now if only Andrews and Ruddock would follow his example that nasty formaldehyde smell in the house might finally go away.

Maybe Costello can revise his book, given the first edition was such a smashing popular success :).

oh dear, poor Libs. Star man (he was a very skilled performer in the theatre of politics) has had enough.
Honestly, who cares about Costello now --he's yesterday's papers. The caravan had moved on. The options had run out. He could now go and work for Rio Tinto as their lobbyist and economic adviser. Don't they stand on the side of freedom and enterprise?

It is all plain sailing for Turnbull now. He can do what he does best without having to look over his shoulder.

Costello had pretty much withdrawn from public commentary towards the end. He's lost interest in politics.

Good luck with Roskam there, Dave. As far as I can see, Roskam amounts to replacing one member of the Howard rump with another. So much for renewal.

Roskam stands on the side of freedom, enterprise and small government in economics. So there won't be much change. Is he a social conservative or a libertarian?

Gary 2009-06-16 14:59 asks "Is (Roskam) a social conservative or a libertarian?"
Cynical me thinks Roskam has the sheep's clothing of social libertarianism to hide the inner wolf that is the agenda of his IPA paymasters.

Maybe, just maybe, with the chains being a little more indirect (IPA sponsors morphing to party donors), Roskam might turn out to be a little bit warmer and fuzzier. Hell, he might even have an inner Petro to let out and show the world!

(Am I being too generous?)

Costello never enjoyed a significant support base within his own party. It is estimated that he could have counted on no than 27 votes, at best, out of a party room of more than a hundred. So much for “best prime minister we never had”--not even his Liberal Party wanted him.