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July 23, 2009

The Coalition continues to fight and squabble amongst itself in public over an emissions trading scheme even though they too took a proposal to the last election and acknowledge that they lost the election in part because of the resistance to doing anything significant about reducing global heating.


What next?

Why they could come out in support of the mining companies (eg. Rio Tinto) push for nuclear energy and express their hostility to renewable energy? This is the place to make a stand against Rudd on nuclear power. Make the differences clean and sharp.

The Coalition can show the electorate they are being positive since big subsidies for a domestic nuclear power industry is them being serious about reducing the nation's carbon emissions and base load power. High tech means that they can do away with all that girly stuff about renewable energy.

The free market liberals can make their stand for the free market, competition, prosperity and freedom by supporting the coal-fired electricity generator's demands for between $5 billion and $20bn in extra assistance from the Rudd government to avoid an "industry crisis" under the emissions trading scheme. The Coalition can show some political courage by making a big stand here, since the generators 130 million free permits worth at least $3.5bn over the first five years of the ETS is just not enough.

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 11:43 AM | | Comments (5)


go the Coalition. They've finally found something to fight for. They are on a winner in opposing emissions trading scheme.

The coalition will have to lose at least one more election before they can present a coherent front on anything. Let alone climate change policy.

Their inability to understand climate change in anything but political terms is a huge problem for them. The coalition itself is a problem. The Howard era deadwood is another problem. Their hatred of the Greens.

Turnbull's strategy up to now has been to delay passing the emissions trading scheme to hold a divided Liberal Party together. The divided Coalition has become the issue or target, and so Turnbull has decided to fight the denialists in his own party so they can vote for the emissions trading scheme bill.

there will be even more concessions from the ALP for the coal industry in the emissions trading scheme bill. The ALP's coherent front is to buckle under pressure from the heavy polluters. Underneath the front is the slow shift to nuclear that is quietly happening. Labor is going nuclear.

re your comment "Underneath the front is the slow shift to nuclear that is quietly happening. Labor is going nuclear."

Yep. Here we go. href=",25197,25825701-5013479,00.html">Ferguson is leading the Labor charge by attacking a straw dog. The Australian thunders away against the green lobby right on cue. It's another campaign in support of nuclear power.