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"...public opinion deserves to be respected as well as despised" G.W.F. Hegel, 'Philosophy of Right'

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July 16, 2009

The Punch generously published Steve Fielding's climate change wisdom today. Apparently he does believe that climate change is happening, but there is no change in the climate according to his graph, so he can't support the legislation. How you can think climate change is happening if there's no climate change is probably one of those deep questions only engineers and Family First senators can get their heads around. As a fairly ordinary person, I'm having trouble.

160 comments and counting. Well scored, the Punch.

Not be outdone, our Kev has responded. Even better score, Punch.

Shorter Rudd, the rest of the world accepts that something needs to be done rather urgently, so it's best we hop to it. Kind of like the rest of the world agreeing it's best not to marry immediate members of your family. We wouldn't want to be seen stalling on something like that, would we? Or sending children into mines or eating one another or buying and selling one another. None of these things were good for the future of humanity, so we stopped doing them.

30 comments, early hours yet.

Fielding appears to be attracting the sort of attention he wants, which is nice for him.

Comments are interesting for what they say about the Punch readership.

Interesting choice of venue for Rudd, given his recent observations on newspapers.

| Posted by Lyn at 7:19 PM | | Comments (3)


"The Punch generously published Steve Fielding's climate change wisdom".
Well, its nice to know what the Labor Right thinks about these issues, even if only by proxy.
But I can't help thinking tabula rasa must make unfulfilling reading.

And that is it--- a graph of ten years? that is what he calls evidence? And he makes no attempt to address the issue that he needs to look at more long term graphs

yet he runs around saying that no one will answer his questions so he has to stand alone --last man standing! And he claims to be an engineer who understands science with a straight face. !

He is an idiot rather than the fool.

Fielding cops a lot of flak for that single graph in comments. There's an interestingly large number of commenters saying Good on you Steve, you're just what we need in government. A bit of organised support in there I suspect, but nothing in the way of supporting evidence.

The comments on Rudd's thing are way more interesting, though there's less of them. There's a lot of, You're trying to ruin us and I hate you, Young Libs type of thing, but a big chunk of, If it's so important why is your legislation so crap, and Why are you still banging on about clean coal?

Also, checked out the PM's 'blog'. It's an odd creature. Apparently it took him a while to get into the swing of Twitter, but he's successfully acculturated. Maybe the blog will be the same.