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"...public opinion deserves to be respected as well as despised" G.W.F. Hegel, 'Philosophy of Right'

a political sickness « Previous | |Next »
October 23, 2009

I just couldn't bring myself to watch Question Time in the House of Representatives this week. In this hothouse atmosphere we have mock hairy-chested heroics on both sides who happen to agree on the ALP's humanising the immigration process for asylum seekers by easing detention requirements and abolishing temporary protection visas. They even agree on off-shore processing by a neighbouring country to block the flow of ("illegal") asylum seekers to Australia.

No matter. They continue to maul one another about whether or not asylum seekers are terrorists full of contagious viruses that will infect the body politic causing great sickness.

FazzariRHoward'sghost.jpg Rocco Fazzari

Yeah I know, Question Time is political theatre and we shouldn't take it seriously. My response is that it is so bad that I have better things to do with my time--like taking photos. It is far more satisfying.

A television grab of who said what on the evening news is enough. Listening to an 'on message' Julie Bishop, the Deputy Leader of the Liberal Opposition, defending the infected terrorist refugee proposition from WA Liberals on Radio National's Breakfast as I drove to Adelaide from Victor Harbor is all that I needed to hear. I heard the talking points of the day and got the subtext through the political noise.

The Liberals are going crazy from their poisoning during the Howard years I thought whilst driving through the vineyards of McLaren Vale. Though those in the Liberal Party are clearly suffering from chronic headaches and nausea, increasing blindness, and impending madness caused by Howard's poisons, they reckon they are in great health. Unlike the sickly types in the ALP, they are healthy even in their sickness.

Those in the ALP are weakened in body and soul and this has snapped the self-reliant, independent, unprejudiced person, the pillars of a strong civilization. This is because the ALP's culture is based on equality pity, compassion, respect for persons, and assumes that suffering must be alleviated and happiness is the ultimate goal. It produces sickly types and these weak, sickly types hate the strong ones (those birds of prey that snack on new born lambs) in the Liberal Party who can look chaos, struggle for existence and conflict in the eye without flinching.

I could go on with more Nietzsche, but you get the general idea.


There are between one and three thousand asylum seekers currently being held in Indonesian jails, compounds and detention centres. Who are these people? Where are they from? What have they fled? Jessie Taylor starts to answer these questions:

Behind Australian Doors - Promo Trailer from jessie taylor on Vimeo.

Will Indonesia do what Australia desires and act to block the flow of asylum seekers to Australia and hold them in detention camps for years? I cannot see it myself.

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 11:12 AM | | Comments (6)


Great cartoon. The Howard miasma.

My goodness me. Dennis Shanahan is talking sense in his latest op-ed in the Australian:

There is so much cant, hypocrisy and dissembling in parliament on the issue of asylum-seekers now it'd choke a big brown dog. But, as both sides of politics abrogate policy leadership and use the politics of fear and smear, it's all we are left with.

Raw politics is making the arrival of boatpeople a divisive issue once more when it shouldn't be, and the Rudd government is as culpable as the Coalition when it comes to emotive catchcries and racist innuendo.

There's hardly been an honest or brave word uttered since the new season of asylum-seekers began and the issues of immigration, border security, terrorism, health, employment and refugee intakes instantly ran to the top of public concerns in electorates all over Australia.

He even says that idiotically, both sides are fighting these old wars while there appears to be a new, more sophisticated public attitude towards immigration and refugees emerging.

Is the world going topsy turvey?

Christian Kerr reckons the opposite --The Rudd Government is panicked, their political strategy is in “tatters”, and their border protection strategy is stuffed up.

I do not see the Rudd Government fracturing under the pressure from the Liberals on the asylum seekers coming to Australia on rickety boats.

I no longer think the description of parliament as 'theatre' is accurate. Theatre is at least entertaining or thought-provoking to a significant audience, or at least good theatre is.

Parliament and its accompanying political discourse have become a form of behavioural disorder, somewhat akin to the obsessive madness of caged animals. Politicians and media insiders thrash around in an unhappy orgy of mindless stupidity, oblivious to the fact that the vast majority of Australians couldn't give a continental and most of the remainder find the whole exercise thoroughly contemptible.

Trapped inside their little bubble, sad to say, they perceive their own antics as the actions of mature little clever clogs. I sometimes think the new parliament house, resembling nothing so much as an enormous bunker to shield inhabitants from the outside world, struck a blow to our democracy more damaging than anything all our imaginary external enemies could ever dream of.

How did this even become a point-scoring exercise? Well... I suppose because, AT LEAST one side, thought they could score some points with the electorate.

Pollies do not carry on like this unless there is something in it for THEM!