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October 2, 2009

Joshua Green outlines the boom bust development of renewable energy in the US, largely due to the nature of government intervention. It is familiar narrative to us in Australia. The record of both is an embarrassment and the kind of policies that you would not follow.

Unfortunately, for Australia, it does not have the entrepreneurial innovative culture that exists in America's Silicon Valley, which is keyed into renewable energy and clean tech. Nor has there been the the huge government investment in renewable energy in Australia equivalent to that of the Obama administration ($US160 billion), which was a part of the American stimulus package.


In Australia energy policy is still structured around a future of a steady reliance on dirty fossil fuel that will increase the atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration through its building of more coal fired powers in Queensland and NSW( Upper Hunter).

Malcolm Turnbull has even had to put his job online to get the Liberal Party to commit to negotiating with Labor on an emissions trading scheme, to shift from do-nothing approach on climate change policy, and ti stop going to an election fighting an emissions trading scheme, and if necessary suffering political death.

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 8:20 AM | | Comments (4)


Malcolm's having a proper public tanty over it. Good on him.

The Liberals seem to be falling apart as they become obsessed with battling amongst themselves.

things have gone from bad to worse on climate change for the Liberals. They've become a rump and are tearing themselves apart on any issue--eg., Peter Dutton's failure to gain pre-selection in McPherson after turning away from Dickson rather than fighting to retain the seat.

It would appear that the Liberal Party's West Australian branch is opposed to Turnbull's plan to negotiate with the Rudd government on an emissions trading scheme even though an ETS is party policy. The tensions between the Liberals and Nationals continue to increase and broaden, with the tensions being fueled by state politics.