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"...public opinion deserves to be respected as well as despised" G.W.F. Hegel, 'Philosophy of Right'

Mike Rann + all that sex « Previous | |Next »
November 23, 2009

Bomshell!. Big sex scandal rocks Adelaide. Watch the video. Tabloid heaven. Who cares?

It's a political crisis in SA for a premier who campaigned on family values. Malicious and sensational says Rann. Rann is under siege apparently over sex between consenting adults.

Yawn. Another example of the new emergent puritanism?

Issues such as corruption relating to political donations, Labor nakedly getting into bed with developers who pay for the privilege and water are more important.

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 9:07 AM | | Comments (14)


Who said Mike Rann campaigned on family values? He campaigned strongly on LAW AND ORDER - not the same thing.

I say nothing to see here. Consenting adults. Yada yada yada

yeah you are right. Rann has campaigned on law and order. It is a signature issue for him. Through Rann Labor in SA does have a family values in the community policy, it is different from the social conservative's understanding of 'family values' that is deployed in the culture wars.

I was thinking of Michael Atkinson, the SA Attorney General, computer games, and calls to ban some computer games because there is no R18 classification. The bullying SA Right is not a dead duck, and it has yet to self-destruct as it has done in NSW. The coalition of Catholics and Christian do-gooders; local government chiefs; union leaders; a sprinkling of remnants of the old DLP and country ALP types etc etc still holds in SA . They d stand for 'family values'.

Its all about a lack of table manners,dont get caught having sex on the desk,(the taxpayer paid for it) hope she was worth it at the copulating time lol

Rann will probably do a Clinton when he next confronts the media in Adelaide.

Funny how everybody just seems to accept that he had a sexual relationship with this bird.

Actually, he might rightly have said that whether he did or did not is no ones business and just leave it at that.

Instead, he has gone down the total denial path which suggests, to me, Mr Stokes may need to keep his wallet open for another big payout.

oh, Rann does adopt the Clinton position. And he's going to sue all and sundry.

The estranged husband, one Rick Phillips, has called for a parliamentary inquiry into the alleged affair. On what grounds I wonder? This is the same guy who six weeks or so ago, approached Premier Rann at a function at Adelaide's National Wine Centre and striked him across the face with a rolled-up copy of Winestate magazine.

"Labor nakedly getting into bed with developers who pay for the privilege and water are more important."
Of course its entirely coincidental that they [media] choose a [possibly totally confected] alleged sex 'scandal' to write about instead.

I agree with Joe 2 to some extent. Let's presume the "worst" happened and they DID had s-x, God forbid!
What/where is the actual harm in this, per se?
It does have resonances with Clinton and resonances that show Rann in a possibly poor light as to character.
Personally, I find Ms.Chantelois as detestable as Rann, altho I concede the chequebook journalism might be a ploy by the Chantelois
to have the aggreived ex- husband's court case terminated.
But if they were already "estranged", what was it to do with Phillips, who his ex went with subsequently, after the breakup. Even if there was an affair and it was a cause for the marriage breakup, that is not Rann's concern. Caveat emptor.
But I think, regardless of what you may think of Rann, that it is more likely that a big beat up is up and running to discredit him and his government in the lead up to an election, with this possibly despicable woman playing the role of Linda Tripp as much as "victim" Lewinski.

I don't understand why politicians continue to respond to media craziness over sex stories. Does this kind of thing ever cause any political damage, other than the damage wrought by the overreaction of the politician involved?

Except Cheryl Kernot, of course, but she's a girl, so it's different.

"Its all about a lack of table manners" *chortle* Please tell me she didn't work in the cafeteria.

Mike Rann will deny these sexual allegations because he was engaged to Sasha at the time in 2005. So if he admits his to clandestine affair with Michells, a married woman, he has been unfaithful to Sasha .. and she will be devastated and file for divorce no doubt. He has also lied to the media and lied to the South Australian public. He has also abused his Parliamentary privileges and power. This is a most intriguing and damaging story, with far reaching consequences. I predict Mike will resign, admit the affair and Sasha will leave him and seek divorce. Then the bikies are waiting ....

Lyn says:
"Its all about a lack of table manners" *chortle* Please tell me she didn't work in the cafeteria.

A bar maid in the licensed restaurant at Parliament I understand.

I can remember having sex with a barmaid. It was quite an enjoyable experience. It was in London and she was working her way through Europe in various pubs while having a break from nursing.
I can thoroughly recommend to all that sex with a barmaid is marvelous. I enjoyed it so much I married her.

Nice story there, Les.

For some reason it reminds me of Victor Kiam. The bloke who liked the shaver so much, he bought the company.

David Penberthy in The Punch talks in terms of the deep-seated alarm and confusion in SA politics as to whether he would even survive to the end of today.

What a load of bollocks.