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February 21, 2010

Bad ideas are the norm in the mainstream media that has embraced info-entertainment and tabloid excess so they can sell more product. The bottom line is what matters not culture. In an industry buckling under the twin pressures of the credit crunch and the growth of digital rivals what matters is the sales impact of a story.


Some say that paywalls are a bad idea. For major publishers, paywalls represent a desperate floundering in the face of death. Advertising is still what makes money for news, even when there's a cover charge. The bad idea is the rule of the market in which the ABC should have no special place coupled with a special pleading about making market domination easier for Foxtel and News Ltd.

The really bad idea is that we consumers pay Foxtel twice for everything, once through a monthly subscription for limited choice of packaged programmes and once by sitting through the adverts.

Of course, for the Murdochs, that is a really good idea as it means more money for them for less product. What they also want is less regulation of Foxtel and less public subsidies for free-to-air television.

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 6:56 AM | | Comments (4)


The third kid did it. I don't think he looks genuinely concerned and he's standing up too straight.

But seriously the media must adapt to its surroundings as all business does and try to grab larger market share.
Lately I like to watch news broadcasts on my mobile phone. This is something that I would of scoffed at a few years ago. My media tastes have changed and the media has changed too.

Les, to me the question is, what do we do when commercial activity backed by incredibly powerful media and propaganda can threaten to actually devour civil society and its individuals?
Do you think that it's natural that folk walk around deluded that botox, rubber boobs or anorexia makes them "look right"?
Who has gotten into their heads, knowing what cognitive buttons to push, to reinforce childhood fears, create self loathing and exploit the resulting insecurities and need for acceptance offered only thru thru brand loyalty,(self defeating) "lifestyle" and the like, as permanent Stepford consumers?
And what about when the capacity to brainwash is turned to politics?
A whole society, deliberatly denied real information and fed with "news" which is little better than an exercise in manipulation of fear thru stereotypes, takes on hook line and sinker something as blatant as the concocted reasons for the Iraq war, or more recently, the news for citizens that they can only survive thru "growth at every cost" and high-population, environmentally unsustainable "development"?
I think civilisation is like the goose that laid the golden egg. It could be a gift, nurtured in common, that keeps giving, or a dead something smashed by the greedy and powerful, who didn't have the patience to wait for the next golden egg and ended up robbing everyone, including themselves.

We as individuals all have the right to decide how we spend our money. All advertising is a mild form of brainwashing and that definitely applies to politics too.
But what you seem to dislike most is that truth has diminished and wrong has increased. Yes I agree but I don't think there is any way back now.
I don't have foxtel.

Foxtel is not about giving consumers much choice re its programme offerings. You cannot put your own package together and must accept Foxtel packages.

Roll on internet TV and online video.