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Turnbull speaks out « Previous | |Next »
February 9, 2010

Malcolm Turnbull speaks out in support of the ETS when he explained to the House of Representatives why he would cross the floor to vote for the government's emissions trading scheme, even though the legislation is doomed to be voted down in the Senate. In doing so he attacks his own party's new climate change policy.


His Liberal colleagues don't want to know what Turnbull is saying. Nor are they willing to listen to the arguments about needing a a strong, credible policy framework that will deliver 5%cut in greenhouse gas emissions by 2020. Turnbull is persona non gratia in the Liberal Party that is marching lock step with Abbott.

Turnbull is his own man.

It is ironic that Turnbull is defending the ETS when the Rudd government no longer bothers to do so.They had failed to go out and sell their CPRS and they were not frank with the public. Nor do they appear to be willing to fight for the merits of a market mechanism, the importance of action with long-term sustainability and the need to give businesses certainty if they were going to invest in clean technology).

Are they in retreat from their own policy? Or just bad communicators? Or both?

Turnbull crossed the floor of the House of Representatives to vote in support of Labor's emissions trading scheme.The legislation now goes to the Senate, where it faces almost certain defeat for a third time.It increasingly looks as if the Rudd Government will be faced with cutting a deal with the Greens after the next election.

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 9:55 PM | | Comments (3)


So often people of principal get into Parliament and are seduced by the power, think Peter Garrett, Greg Combet, Bill Shorten

Good on Malcolm for telling us what he really thinks on this really important long term problem

I agree. The Liberal Party ought to support Turnbull crossing the floor. It's their policy they say.

I wonder what they really think? Its ironic that the party of the free market has now turned its back on market forces as a tool to address climate change.

Funny how Turnbull's career has paralleled Latham's.
No place in modern politics for big-brained mavericks.