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"...public opinion deserves to be respected as well as despised" G.W.F. Hegel, 'Philosophy of Right'

Islamophobia « Previous | |Next »
April 6, 2010

An excerpt below is from John R. Bowen's Nothing To Fear Misreading Muslim immigration in Europe in The Boston Review. It is pertinent to Australia given those who talk in terms of The Islamist Threat to Australian Security in Quadrant, which advocates the view that the West is at war with Islam ("terrorists") in the the post-9/11 era.

Bowen says:

For those not on the far right, complaining of too many “immigrants” has been a common and relatively safe way of complaining of too much Islam. But Islamic shock is not simply a description of differences in flows of people. The claim is that the new wave of immigration has been uniquely disruptive of a European “way of life.”

This group holds that people should not have to radically change their ways of life. But the arrival of Muslims has forced such changes, wrested quiet Europeans from their peaceful ways, and forced them to look at minarets next to their steeples.

Their prescription is to call for a reverse the misguided “multiculturalist” policies that engendered large Muslim populations in our cities because Muslims do not share our Anglo-Saxon commitments to universal values.

In Islam, academia, and freedom Merv Bendle talks in terms of widespread capitulation to Muslim demands across the globe, especially in the very societies that Islamist jihadis have explicitly targeted for destruction.

This cowardly posture is most noticeable amongst the intelligentsia and within the education system and means that we have had to rely on independent scholars and courageous journalists to develop a critical debate, when we should have been able to rely on our universities and research centres. This capitulation is most obvious in the UK, but is also very apparent in the US, Canada, Europe, and Australia, where the battle is being lost in the areas of academic research, public policy, education, ideology, law, human rights, and particularly in the realm of free speech.

He finishes by saying that until the stranglehold of the carefully calibrated political correctness in the universities is broken, Australia and the West will continue to lurch along, reacting blindly and ineptly to the challenges thrown up to us by our enemies as they seek to bring about our destruction.

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 4:42 PM | | Comments (2)


I don't think anyone should be surprised at grassroots resistance to heavier immigration flows, particularly when neo lib pol economy demands an end to unions at the same time as the workforce increases, social infrastructure is dismantled and during times of economic uncertainty.
As for Muslims not "sharing our values"- what despicable tosh. Do people think Muslims do not love or care for their kids, or recognise an injustice, if we mere whites can?
Even a brief look at the Koran indicates that the religion broadly emphasises the thrust of the previous books upon which much of its thinking is based, the Christian bible and Judaic canon texts.
But back to the immigration thingy, I think these sorts of decisions are taken over the heads of the public quite often and only increase alienation and a sense of disempowerment which further fuels anxieties easily, to be ignited by vile individuals like Merv Bendle.
Particularly when the things needed to be done re sustainable ecology, social infrastructure, transport etc, are all left to deteriorate in the meantime.
Blue collars know its only the bosses that want a "competive"(rat race)labor market and they know that with the rich looking after themselves, what's left of social infrastructure and resources must be further divided up amongst more and more poorer people.
Unless pro immigrationists start, FINALLY, to adress certain public concerns HONESTLY, I think things will continue to move slowly on the subject of immigration.

On Monday night's Q&A Abbott presented his recycled refugee policies: floods of asylum seekers are coming here by boat; they pass through other countries to get here; they can and should stay in those other countries but they come here because Australia is such a great country, but Australia cannot be a ''lifeboat to the world''.

a flood? A ''lifeboat to the world''.The numbers are small as Julian Burnside points out in the Age:

The rate of people arriving here by boat has always been tiny. The largest number to arrive in any 12-month period over the past three decades is 4100. Compare that with about 200,000 new permanent migrants every year. Boat arrivals so far this year amount to less than three days' worth of ordinary migration.