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The Daily Show on BP + oil spill « Previous | |Next »
May 17, 2010

BP's attitude to the Deepwater Horizons offshore drilling disaster in the Gulf of Mexico seems still to be one of unconcern. They still seem to be saying it's no big deal--its only a small leak. Even if it is a big deal, it's not our fault.

The Daily Show’s segment on the Deepwater Horizons disaster is titled, “There Will Be Blame”:

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There Will Be Blame
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A relief well, considered the permanent solution the leak, is still being drilled and is months away from completion. Until then, BP is also considering a smaller containment dome or trying to clog the leak with golf balls and rubber. Whatever happens BP's reputation nosedives and greater restrictions are placed on off shore drilling.

The entire gulf is beginning to look like an oil slick, as we learn that oil companies like BP, rig owners like TransOcean, and contractors like Halliburton (the cement plug provider in the Gulf spill) never bothered much abouit preparing for potential disasters--especially not spending money to research solutions to potential catastrophes. Anyone surprised?

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 3:21 PM | | Comments (2)


I think you need to change the heading and some of the text from BHP to BP

Thanks for that. Appreciated.