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"...public opinion deserves to be respected as well as despised" G.W.F. Hegel, 'Philosophy of Right'

the Dubai passports affair « Previous | |Next »
May 25, 2010

An investigation by the Australian Federal Police and spy agencies has found that Israel has equipped a Mossad team of assassins with forged passports of Australians and other nationalities (those of Britain, France, Germany and Ireland), for a hit on Mahmoud Al-Mabhouh. He was a senior figure in the militant Palestinian organisation Hamas, who was found murdered in a hotel room in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates on January 20.

In response to the identity theft by Israel the Rudd Government has expelled an Israeli diplomat, just as the former Brown Government did in the UK.

The voices of the local Israel lobby said that the government's action was an overreaction; a response that functions to defend Israel, now a full blown national security state.

surveillance.jpgThe position of the local Israeli lobby is a refusal to admit that Israel has erred.

They see their job as defending every action by the Israeli government. Israel is our ally, (both countries belong to the same camp), Israel's actions can be excused because it was fighting terrorism. What the Australian government should have done was to condemn Hamas, the extremist Islamic terrorist movement that controls the Gaza Strip, and to denounce Iran's nuclear ambitions.

Both Hamas and Iran want to destroy Israel, which has to fight for its survival. Israel, which is the only democracy in the Middle East, is the only Middle Eastern country that can be relied on to act resolutely against international terrorism.

The arrogant and smug Left defend Hamas despite the threat that violent Islamism poses within Western societies. Islamism is a form of totalitarian ideology that is profoundly reactionary and deeply antisemitic and, racist.

Julie Bishop, the Shadow Foreign Minister, claimed that there was insufficient hard evidence to support the government's decision and that it was an attempt by Mr Rudd to seize control of the media cycle. Then she went much further:

The government is facing an election,The government is also seeking to pursue a seat on the (UN) Security Council; the government is keen to curry favour within the Arab community.The Arab community have made it quite clear to Mr Rudd in writing that unless the Australian government showed a more negative attitude towards Israel, they would not be able to count on their vote for Mr Rudd's quest for a seat on the Security Council.

The implication is that Australian Government cowtows to the demands of Arab governments in the Middle East. Is this the dog whistle of Islamophobia?

There are strong currents in the 'fear or hatred of Islam' discourses and criticisms that have distinct sources, motivations and goals in Australia, and these often surfacs in the modern-day demonization of Arabs and Muslims by politicians in the media.

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 2:47 PM | | Comments (11)


And if a Libyan government agency used some forged Australian passports, in order to kill a dissident in Berlin? How would be deal with that?

there would by hysterics from the Right.

I wouldn't be so sure, Nan.

According to our dear "CrazyEyes" Bishop, it's really nothing to worry about. In fact Aussie intel types pull the very same stunt.

Or is the Bishop just following the in the steps of the Abbott when it comes to "sexing up" the truth?

So Australia should not stand up to Israel? Is that the inference from Bishop saying that Australia forges passports as well?

Maybe Australia will now begin to learn how to say something critical of Israel's ill-treatment of the Palestinian people and drop its traditional stance of blind loyalty.

What can "Islamism" do to us that we are not already doing to ourselves?
The federal government has not removed the suite of security, refugee and sedition laws that reduced this country, vitually, to the level of a banana republic, itself- rather it has of late tried to strengthen surveillance and security laws.
As for Julie Bishop and "evidence", that mutton-head wouldn't know "evidence" if it leapt up and bit her in the face.
The best thing she could do is keep her beak out of issues she knows nothing about, to prevent the exposition of her utter ignorance and arrogance.

Has Bishop moved away from the middle ground in the way that she has supported Israel?

Nan, you must have not seen her on Monday, I think, night.
Iwonder where she gets the front to interfere in this distasteful incident he way she did.
You would think it was us that were at fault, not the Israelis.
Authentic Abbott conservatism and a bit of American paranoia thrown in for good measure.
As to middle ground, don't forget many on the right actually think their positions mainstream and seem puzzled when many don't want to go along with some of their stranger ideas. Minchin is another who comes to mind.
Some of these folk actually seem to set much store by themselves, as tho they were a bitty bit unique.
There is a bit much Snoopy in Rudd and some of his colleagues, as well; too much of a glint in some of their eyes.

Apologists for Israel--eg., Paul Howes, the National Secretary of the Australian Workers Union ---- are proud of Israel's policy of targeted assassination of the leaders of an " ugly Islamo-fascist terrorist organisation" that has "has turned Palestinian children into human bombs to murder and terrorise Israeli civilians". Targeted assassination helps to bring peace and justice to the region.

Howes equates Hamas with Nazism:

The world defeated Nazism. Now the world must support those countries fighting Islamo-fascism.It is a war that is being fought on the streets of Tehran, where democratic forces battle that Islamic dictatorship; it's being fought on the streets of Gaza, after Hamas launched their coup there; it's being fought in Lebanon against Hezbollah and in the mountains of Afghanistan against the remains of al-Qaeda and the Taliban.The fighters had a small victory in a Dubai hotel.

a coup? Hamas was elected by the Palestinian people in the Gaza strip. Only Israel stands for freedom and democracy for Howe. He makes no mention of the Israeli blockade or the settlements on Palestinian land.

He then says Australia should be proud to be Israeli's loyal friend and that:

In my view, friends stand by each other in the good times and the bad, and a friend is someone who lends a hand when the going gets tough.That's why I'm proud that our nation has played a small, and accidental role, in the removal of the terrorist al-Mabhouh from our planet.

He adds that many anti-Israel activists in Australia, have seized on the passport issue to develop a new front to push their anti-Israeli propaganda and finishes by saying that it is in our nation's interest to do whatever we can to remove these vile people [in Hamas] from power - by any means necessary.

It's an amazing article. I'm surprised that it hasn't been given greater airplay given its inverted conception of reality and violent imagery. He comes across as a propogandist for Israel rubbing his hands with glee at Mossad’s extra-judicial killing of a Palestinian, which involved using false passports from Australia and other countries.

It was picked up by Anthony Lowenstein and he posted retiring Labor MP Julia Irwin's critical response in federal Parliament. Irwin is critical of Howe's glorification of extrajudicial killings, which she says is a polite way of referring to state sponsored murder, the execution of individuals without judicial sanction and without due process.

Howe says that he stands for the creation of a "free, secular and healthy democratic Palestinian state" but he forgets to mention that the Likud Party, which is the current Israeli government, is opposed to, and flatly rejects, the establishment of a Palestinian state west of the Jordan River.

Following Howe's logic, perhaps we should just send the Israelis a box of blank Aussie passports with instructions how to fill them in properly. I mean if it helps in the war against Islamo-fascism, why not? It would be an honour.

I'm fascinated by the idea that Israel is our ally. In what conceivable conflict, I wonder? Well the answer's obvious I suppose ... the endless conflict between Good Guys (Us) and Evil (anyone who isn't like Us or at least grovelling wannabe Us's) that rages furiously in the conservative imagination. Remember Munich!! Hamas are the new Nazis!!! Paul Howe is an unhinged lunatic!!!!!

We have an Australian Jewish leadership that publicly defends the Israeli government, any Israeli government, rather than defending Israeli democracy, even when the former menaces the latter eg., Avigdor Lieberman’s crusade to humiliate, disenfranchise, and perhaps even eventually expel Arab Israelis,