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Victoria: Lib/Lab « Previous | |Next »
November 15, 2010

In a couple of paragraphs in The Age Kenneth Davidson describes the form of government in Victoria as a form of corporatism.


Davidson says:

Since the election of the Kennett government, Victoria has mutated into a corporatist state. Real decisions are taken well away from the Parliament by executive government working in a closed loop with powerful, rent-seeking vested interests - most notably property developers, the roads lobby and the private schools lobby.Changing the government won't shatter the corporatist state. Victoria's rent-seeking class have shown they can move seamlessly from one government to the next. The only way decision-making can be brought back into the parliamentary arena where it belongs is through a minority government.

He says that the arrogance and secrecy that characterise the Brumby government began in earnest after they won the 2003 election in their own right.

A state election approaches and there won't be a minority government in Victoria with Lib-Lab, now that the Victorian Liberals have decided to give their preferences to the ALP rather than the Greens. So a neo-liberal form of corporatism is being entrenched.

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 6:14 PM | | Comments (6)


The Greens best chance of representation in the Victorian Parliament lies in the upper house. This now is elected on proportion representation rather than the single-member preferential system of the lower house, as a result of Labor's 2003 reforms.

The conservatives in the Victorian Liberal Party are out to destroy the Greens. The Greens are seen to be a threat to the economy, and they are seen as the ideological enemy of a corporatist state.

The strategy is to deepen the ideological divide between the LIberals and the Greens.

Why is it the Liberal Party's job to save Labor from its left-wing base? What happened to thy enemy is my friend strategy?

The corporatist state in Victoria defends Big Coal. Big Coal gains its leverage with money in the form of jobs, campaign contributions and keeping the lights on. Therein sits its political influence within the state.

Coal is Australia. It made Australia what it is today. Where would Australia be without coal? So the unions defend Big Coal.

In the long run the coal industry is doomed. No amount of lobbying or political power can save them from the fact that coal is on the wrong side of the innovation curve - it is a 19th century fuel that has survived into the 21st century with sheer political muscle.

Behind Big Coal stand the banks. They are financing the coal power stations and coalmines. And the Big Banks are proud to be the financiers of the projects of Big Coal.

The conservative's hostility to The Greens is expressed by Janet Albrechtson's Extreme secret agenda aims to change our society in The Australian. She says:

The Greens are anti-free trade, anti-capitalism, anti-wealth and anti-growth....For too long, Greens extremism has been hidden from the Australian public under a cuddly shroud of green goodwill.

That suggests the Greens are a danger to the country --ie., to the Australian's neoliberal conception of Australia. They are the new Reds--the enemy within.