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Republican Attack Machine « Previous | |Next »
January 7, 2011

Fox News commentators are enthusiastic about the Republican-controlled House of Representatives. The Republicans are fired up with fundamentalist anger, and many of the new ones are and unashamedly in the employ of corporate America. The task the Republicannsa have set themselves is to pull down to pull up the major planks of the Obama's legislative agenda.

RowsonMFoxNews .jpg Martin Rowson

The Democrats will be forced into protection mode whilst the Republicans talk about cutting taxes without having to make up for the lost government revenue in spending cuts. That will increase the budget deficit. So much for the Republican rhetoric about vowing to reduce the deficit, slash government spending, and balance the budget.

The Republicans are double talking as they are also saying that Americans would not stand for any further increases in the debt limit by the Democrats unless they saw decisive spending cuts.They are hypocrites because under George Bush the Republicans had abandoned any pretense of fiscal sanity, and were throwing everything they could -- wars, Medicare expansion, tax cuts, No Child Left Behind -- on the national charge card for future generations to worry about. Bush's voodoo economics added $5 trillion to the debt in just eight years.

I guess the Republicans could propose to privatize the government bureaucracy in order to slash government spending. The country is currently experiencing its worst economic downturn in 70 years with more than 25 million people unemployed, underemployed or having given up looking for work altogether as the Republicans launch their attack to cut entitlements on Social Security and Medicare even though they ran ads during the election campaign slamming the Democrats for cutting Medicare to reduce the deficit.

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 11:07 AM | | Comments (2)


I can't get passed Martin Rowson's capacity to expose the real aridity of retail politics. He is right inside the western mindset; identifies the root denialism at the core of western politics and the western mindset and the consequent dyfuctionalism and wastage in real world terms.

Right now, triumphant conservatives in Washington are declaring that they can cut taxes and still balance the budget by slashing spending.

Paul Harris, the US correspondent for the Guardian and Observer, says in The Observer that:

The incoming Republicans, gleeful at the prospect of power, have no interest in fashion spreads or looking cool. They are interested in cuts – real, massive cuts to government spending. They want to slash government and roll back the state. Even defence spending is on the table.Their anti-government mentality runs deep.

We will be waiting a long time for the Republicans to slash and burn defence spending. My understanding is that defence is off the agenda for the free-market, small-government Republican.

Paul Harris doesn't seem to be aware of this.