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March 5, 2011

I heard on Radio National Breakfast that when Julie Gillard goes to Washington to see President Obama she will also pay homage to Rupert Murdoch, who has just been given the green light by the Cameron Government in the UK to allow News Corporation to buy the 60% of BSkyB it doesn't already own BskyB.

BellSMurdoch.jpg Steve Bell

What News Corp has gained by being allowed to takeover the rest of Sky, the UK’s largest cable network, is an ability to create a £7.5bn British media giant with access to the vast cashflows of the satellite broadcaster. The man who pretends to be a great free marketeer has built an empire almost entirely out of circumventing competition to throttle free markets. What Murdoch wants he gets.

As Steven Barnett observes in The Guardian yet another minister meekly surrenders to the media power of Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. It has been the story of the past 30 years of British media policymaking. Barnett says:

This deal will create a hugely powerful newspaper, TV, online and ISP media conglomerate that will dwarf every other media organisation in the UK, with guaranteed rising profits for years, on a scale that would not be contemplated in any other self-respecting mature democracy.

The concentration of media ownership continues. New s Corp defies regulators, governments and tax authorities to carve out an anti-competitive market dominance with an unmatched global concentration of media power.

As a result of the BSkyB acquistion Murdoch's global media empire has increased its stake in Sky News pay television channel in Australia. As Margaret Simons points out at Crikey:

Our local SkyNews is a joint venture operation, owned in equal thirds by BSkyB, Channel Nine and Channel Seven. Under the current ownership of BSkyB, this means that News Corporation owns just 39 per cent of one third of Australian Sky News. But assuming News Corporation takes over the whole of BSkyB, Rupert becomes an equal one third owner with Channels Nine and Seven, increasing Rupert’s domination of the news content business in Australia and creating a new field of interesting corporate manoeuvres with Kerry Stokes.

So we can expect more attacks on the ABC, and ABC24 in particular. What does Murdoch want in Australia? If Telstra exits Foxtel, then that creates an opportunity for News Limited to increase its stake.

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 9:02 AM | | Comments (3)


Foxtel plans to buy Austar---more media consolidation.

He's about 80 years old... surely time will soon catch up with this old bastard.

No, I won't shed any tears.

News Corp does not share Murdoch's great love of print and deep concern for its prospects.

The next generation of Murdochs, soon to be warily reunited around the New York board table, is fascinated by TV, satellites, digital development and a fast-moving competitive environment where every move has to be fought over and defended as Google, Apple and the rest come swarming in.